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    Wingload 1.05 I had the possibility to fly a Pilot7 ULPV for several weekends First at all the packvolume. I got a 167 PILOT7 ULPV with 700ZLX lines, and the packvolume was smaller than the Springo 140 or Sabre 150. It was easiest to pack and also the aerodyne known line attachments are helping by identify your linegroups. The Opening where great, there where fast but never hard and always ON HEADING, but with which canopy you want to compare it? On a Spectre the canopy is sniveling left and right arround before opening, on the PILOT/ you have a short snivel and then the slider comes down quicker. I´m no wingsuiter but maybe thats what wingsuiter want, fast reliable openings. I actually like the fast openings as long there haven´t been fast, some other tried it and told they feel hard but I didn´t had hard opening not on terminal nor hop and pop jumps. The toggle pressure feels softer than on the 9cell Pilot, they are quick and responsible. Riser pressure are not too strong and the recovery arch is shorter. It´s impressive how easy this 7cell canopy with low bulk material makes it to came back from a long spot, really nice work Aerodyne! Flare is good but there you feel thats still a 7cell. So the Pilot7 is not compareable with the standard PILOT, you have the good things of 7 cell opening, flat glide and nice flare. I wouldn´t recommend a to high wingload, choose your decision visely. The Pilot7 can be drived really fast when you want so take care and enjoy the ride.
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    S Fire

    This year I got the possibility to jump some new canopies, one of them was the SFire. Wingload 1,25 Compared to the Safire 2, the opening are still good, even better, because the snivel is not anymore that long that I know from Safire2. They are still longer than on Sabre or Pilots but I liked them. They almost where On-Heading and soft. Control on rears are easy, on my one the steering lines where pre lengthen trought the manufacturer, take care when lengthen it by your rigger, that he fingertrap the overlength as they would make trouble if not done right (have seen some newer jumper having damages or malfunction with not proper stown oerlength). The steering on toggles are consistent and forgiveable, on turn it has a little oversteering compared to other, but more direct than on sabre and softer as on Pilot. Stallpoint is deep, but it didn´t affect the flare. Frontriser turns are better flighable then on Safire2, but what they have improved is the recovery arch. It is not any more that short so now it´s also possible to become a safer canopy pilot without be pushed to turn low - this also ease transition to more advanced canopies. But in my mind you didn´t want that after knowing this canopy. On flare to the ground you recognize the benefits of this canopy, being late ot to early is easy to compansate, but I recommend try t flare till to the end and not only stop after touch down ;) So catch a demo and make your opinion, everybody have different picture how a cpy should fly, this was mine. Stay Safe
  3. We usually are jumping all arround in Carinthia (south of Austria) with our Cessna 182 or also with a Pilatus 6 from AvioFun.
  4. I bought it after reading the reviews here. I love this canopy, the only think what to be aware is, that you should have a minimum of 1,4 wingload; It doesn´t matter but, if you haven´t enought wingload at windy days it could be not so charmed like usually! I would by it again!
  5. I have done several jumps with it, one of the best accuracy canopies on the market. Some jumpers are not best freinds of the Parafoil 2000 out of the hard opening, but they could be reduced by finding out the best pack methode. But that´s no quarantee