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  1. You didn't fail. You unsuccessfully completed the tasks you are expected to perform. "Failure" is the end product of giving up on something you wish to achieve, never to revisit the situation again and possibly become successful. "Failure" is a pretty drastic negative word and it seems you let the negative part stop you from your other jumps that day, possibly successful jumps. My advise, lose the "fail" word. If the word has been engrained in you as a word to describe unsuccessful, look at it this way. F.A.I.L. First Attempt In Learning. Be safe, be happy.
  2. Change coil packs and plugs (gap and torque plugs to factory specs), clean throttle body and MAF sensor while you're in there (car will run smoother). You can disconnect the MAF too and run the car to see if it runs better. Runs better with MAF disconnected, need a new MAF sensor. Disconnect battery before working with anything electronic related obviously. I suspect coil packs and plugs, maybe a worn out wiring harness, to be your culprit. Good luck!
  3. http://poconos.craigslist.org/trd/4527190223.html
  4. I did that today, I'll have to wait and see 2 weeks to see what they provide me with. Incident report will take 2 weeks too to get back to me. I have to send them a written account of my side. I'm armed with my witness's statement too. Im finalizing my statement tonight and sending it once I find out the off duty officers name and badge number. I was denied that information when I went in person and told it will be in the incident report. Annoying how slow things have to take place. I may go back in and ask to speak to a higher up and see if I can get that information. A relative of mine works with three lawyers, so I may be able to get some free advise what I should do. She said something doesn't sound right about the situation.
  5. Beware the NJ State Police. I had a gravel truck change lanes into me at a weave intersection, where I was in the second lane from the right and he was to my left and moving to occupy my lane. I locked up the brakes and swerved enough to the right to keep from getting crushed, but was clipped by an SUV overtaking to my right. My car, a Honda Accord, had the front bumper torn loose by the SUV, and but I limited contact from the gravel truck to having my left mirror snapped forward. The Troopers that showed up ticketed both me and the trucker, at which point I went ballistic. The Trooper who wrote the ticket was adamant that I had somehow contributed to the accident despite all evidence to the contrary. When I showed up to get the accident report, the physics behind the Trooper's account would have made Warner Brothers' cartoonists roll their eyes. In it I was also quoted as having made reference to "Vehicle #1," "Vehicle #2" and so forth. I informed the Trooper that lying was a sin and he was in danger of going to hell. I told the Sergeant who refereed the discussion that the account was physically impossible; when he told me that he had taken Physics I asked him whether or not he had passed the subject. I informed the Sergeant that a liar is the lowest form of life, and that he was backing a liar. I then left before he locked me up. When I got to court I had aerial photographs of the intersection, photographs of the damage to my car, photographs of the site of the accident, video of traffic at that time of day and graphic analysis of the event (which differed greatly from the Trooper's version). I could hardly wait to get the Trooper under oath so that he could either perjure himself on the stand or admit that the legal document he signed was false. Unfortunately, he saw fit to slip out the back before I could corner him. Without the Trooper's testimony, charges were dropped and the trucker's insurance paid for all damages to my car and the SUV in the accident. When dealing with police in general, having an excess of documentation to establish exactly what you did or did not do is essential, as is adhering to every law with which you are aware. I now have dash cams for every vehicle I drive. BSBD, Winsor I'm sorry you had troubles with illogically thinking humans too. The trooper I dealt with said to me that he's been doing his job for 8 years and sometimes when there is contact between two cars there's no damages visible. Example he gave me, like when you parallel park and hit bumpers there's no damage to either vehicle. I invited him to look at my rear bumper to see what parallel parking contact looks like at less than .5 mph (it's all scratched up, little dents here and there). Aside from that the rest of my car is in mint condition. I explained to him we were going 45 mph at the first incident and around 10 mph the second incident. That there would of been some kind of damage. They insisted on a hit and run until I started video taping requesting to see the damage on her vehicle and after I was video taping him from the inside of my car sticking my arm out of my window to show no damage to my vehicle.
  6. Doubtful. They can always say that they were detaining you in order to find out what had happened (which is legal) and that they didn't want you out of the car on the side of the road for safety reasons (which is actually a valid concern - lots of officers and citizens have been killed that way). It doesn't mean that they didn't keep you there knowing full well what the truth was. It doesn't mean they didn't keep you there just to fuck with your head. But you will have a very hard time proving it. We were in a parking lot, dunkin donuts. Ill PM a few of you to proof read my statement when I'm done with it. Thanks for the help everyone! Make the sole focus the off duty officer, not the other officers as that could dilute your position. I did, the uniformed officers were doing their job. The complaint is solely against the off duty officer.
  7. Doubtful. They can always say that they were detaining you in order to find out what had happened (which is legal) and that they didn't want you out of the car on the side of the road for safety reasons (which is actually a valid concern - lots of officers and citizens have been killed that way). It doesn't mean that they didn't keep you there knowing full well what the truth was. It doesn't mean they didn't keep you there just to fuck with your head. But you will have a very hard time proving it. We were in a parking lot, dunkin donuts. Ill PM a few of you to proof read my statement when I'm done with it. Thanks for the help everyone!
  8. A question, your opinions. Since the off duty officer called in a hit and run when evidence shows otherwise, is it a case of false imprisonment? Keeping me detained in my car too when I asked to exit the vehicle to take pictures of the damage of her vehicle? (I have video of him denying me the exit of my car).
  9. Gopro is mounted on my dash for now. I ordered this, front and rear camera http://www.blackvue.co.kr/en/contents/sub1.asp?idx=17 I expect to be harassed. Now I will have evidence for future problems, citizen or officer issues. Hopefully neither will take place, but there's always an ass out there driving like an idiot.
  10. Thanks, I concur. I went down to the state police station to file a complaint, they said they couldn't give me the officers names but it will be on the police report that I can obtain tomorrow, got the case number and phone to get it. The officer helping me said there was no accident report just an incident report. Then 4 of them came out to watch our conversation after I told the first officer what happened briefly. How she called in a hit and run and how I called 911 to report a reckless driver. I told them they can review the full complaint in writing when I hand in my and my girlfriends complaint tomorrow. One said "even though there wasn't an accident report are sure you still going to file a complaint?" I say "yes, thank you guys for your time and be safe out there". They seemed a bit nervous after I said yes. To anyone who knows: shouldn't there be an accident report since one was reported, falsely or not? Thanks everyone who posted and PM'd information, very helpful.
  11. When I asked if I can take pictures of her car of the damage he said "No, I can't make her stay here for you to take pictures of her vehicle. If she decides to leave I can't make her come back for you to take pictures. She's free to leave at anytime" I asked if I was free to leave too he said I was being detained for an investigation. I have that part of the incident on video. Edit: I also video taped the side of my car that would of been hit while the officer was standing there clearly showing not a scratch, dent or any paint from her vehicle.
  12. I sent J-S this in a PM...but WTF, why not post it too... IF you have her name and what agency she works for - you need to compose a letter of complaint to her supervisor asap. The letter should be calmly written, recalling every fact of the encounter - day, time , road conditions, traffic conditions, exactly where it all happened. List the make, model, year, plate etc. whatever you can come up with... Explain the aggressive rude behavior, - the careless driving, the hand flip off...everything. explain she didn't initially identify herself as a LEO...(and given the slurred speech & bloodshot eyes you didn't believe her when she did. ) ~ ~ Believe it or not - a letter sent like that has tremendous effect. It gets put in her file & if she's as nuts as you describe, it wouldn't be the first letter there (hopefully) Get YOUR letter in before any tickets come (if any do) There ARE a lotta bad cops out there - this is about the only effective recourse a civilian has...use it. If/when enough complaints are filed - good chance out the door they go. *A retired cop teaching the CCW class I took a couple years ago, went through the whole file a complaint and then FOLLOW UP on it thing...He was a street cop then internal affairs - told some interesting stories of how assholes got away with a LOT until the complaint reports started coming in. I think I might have had a Dirty Harry type jerk get fired last year. ...he was in so much trouble prior to me, he was relegated to 'traffic waver' at the airport. Must have thought I was someone else because every time I saw him he'd go out of his way to hassle me. I go to the airport quite a bit - it was getting pretty ridiculous. Threatening comments, ordering only ME to move my car and drive completely around the airport and go through again, not let me wait like the 50 other cars. He even went so far as to reach into my car and put his hand on my neck... I documented it in writing and with a GoPro...sent a letter with a video card & next time I saw him he was working TSA security at the airport...no badge, no gun. Go ahead - MAKE my day! Good post/PM Twardo pointed out that my girlfriend that was in the car will be my witness when I file a complaint/account of what happened tomorrow or Monday. My point about calling in a hit and run to 911 when evidence shows otherwise will be documented, along with the inappropriate behavior while driving. I don't know if filing a statement will exasperate the issue of her issuing me tickets, if she can legally. So be bullshit right? At least if she's a previous or future problem I can add to her failure as a state police officer and save someone else the annoyance of her abuse.
  13. Ya, go pro is going back on my dash. Maybe get one for the rear too even though it will be annoying starting them, removing them every time I leave my car. I guess this is the new America.
  14. Sounds like any tickets from her would clearly be a conflict of interest. Hope you got names and badge numbers. Was this woman in her personal car? Ya, her own personal vehicle. Off duty, I'm not sure if she was within her jurisdiction or not, or even if that matters. An off duty state police officer calls in a hit and run, two uniformed officers say there's no evidence of a hit and run, issues no tickets. Officers tell me they believe whatever story she told over mine (they wouldn't tell me her side) because she's a sworn officer of the law, even though they basically realized she was lying being there was no damage. Maybe they didn't see a correlation?
  15. I googled for an answer, got conflicting answers. So I'll ask here being some of you are lawyers or officers. Driving on a two lane highway that merges into one lane. I'm in the right lane merging into the single lane, car in front of me. Car behind me is safely behind me as I move into the single lane. She floors it trying to get in front of me (no more two lane dashes, we're in one lane now). She gets on the side of me within inches of hitting me. I move to the shoulder and get behind her. We respectively flip each other off. We get to a red light, I pull to the shoulder to turn sitting at the light. Green light she swerves into my car almost hitting me, within a couple inches. I don't turn and get behind her. She slams on her brakes, stops all traffic, gets out yelling I hit her and to pull over she's calling the police. She pulls over, I don't, I'm in front of her now as she's riding my ass. I call 911 and report her. State police pull me over and she follows. She's an off duty state trooper. The officers question me what happened, I tell them. She says I hit her, that she informed me she was a police officer, and took off, hit and run. I asked them to point out the damage on my car (none) and I was denied to see the damage on her vehicle. Videoed the officer standing there and the side of my car that would of been damaged as evidence. I was issued no tickets, both uniformed officers said there's no evidence of a hit and run. They said she will be her own self witness and mail me tickets if she sees fit. Can I still get tickets from an off duty officer if I was not issued tickets from uniformed officers?