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  1. As everyone knows who signed up for the 250 Way in Dubai, days after the event was "officially" canceled, the organizers were continuing to deposit the checks that were sent in by the participants. They didn't have an alternate plan that they were going to use, so why didn't they return the checks? Obviously this was not very honest of them. Considering the amount of money that they make on these events, rumored to be well over $40,000.00 in profit, you can't help but wonder what has taken over the minds of some of the most respected skydivers in our sport. And for how long had the organizers known that the Emirate canceled on their commitment before notifying the participants? With the latest round of problems in the Gulf, is it possible that the 500 Way has been called off, but the organizers are keeping mum about that in order to keep people attracted to their big way "500 Way qualifying" events? People are talking about these very things, but no one wants to speak out and then find themselves cut from future events. What is going on? What is the official statement from Dubai on the 500 Way?