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  1. Well I did a fun jump at Pacific Skydiving in Oahu, it's probably your only option but be warned... It is an awful DZ for non-local fun jumpers. Here is a brief rendition of my experience: Called the day before to ensure they did fun jumps and asked for tips on when to show up, peak times, etc. Arrived about 10 min after they were supposed to open (it was suggested we show up as soon as they open), only to sit in the parking lot for another 10 min before the first employee shows up. My friend and I get put on manifest and rent our gear, they don't rent goggles so you have to buy them... I also borrowed a helmet and Altimeter from a friend on the island, so I don't know what they do for that... then we waited for about 3 hours, watching load after load of tandems go up, occasionally a local fun jumper would show up and jump right on a load. Finally after a group of 2 fun jumper showed up and immediately got on a load, we sought out the manifest girl again to find out when we would be going up, and she replied "oh well there is 2 spots on the next load. Do you want them?" Next as we are walking to the plane, a Tandem Master asks us what our plan is, and we say we want to do a free fall, but pull relatively high so we can enjoy the view to which he replies "no don't do that, just pull low so you are out of our way", and when I ask him what they are deploying at he says "It doesn't matter, just pull low"... The next parts the best... As I am watching my canopy open up above me, expecting to see the 210 saber 2 that I had rented... I see a large PD Navigator open up.. great! Then Tandems start opening up on level with me so after looking at the scenery from about 3500ft for approximately 5 seconds I immediately have to start spiraling it down in order to beat the tandems down... which I do not do... So now as I am flying the pattern that was directed, I see this tandem flying straight at me (from the direction which I intended to do my final) while I am on my base which leads me to do a cross wind landing in their relatively small DZ in 25MPH winds on the wrong freaking canopy... I manage to land it standing up, and to his credit (the 1 good experience of the jump), the Tandem Master comes right over to me and apologizes and says they have to fly crazy patterns to land, and that he didn't mean to scare me or cause any conflict. Well about 5 minutes later I am being cursed at by the owner of the DZ who assumed that I was naturally in the wrong and that I had no idea the Tandem was there (heading straight at me...). After a short exchange of curse words, i explain to him the situation and he settles down and sudo apologies, but takes no accountability for the complete disaster of an experience that I had at his awful DZ. The cherry on top is that you are going to have to go down the street to Skydive Hawaii in order to buy a T-Shirt cause the ones at Pacific Skydiving are all awful. Good luck with you jump, Blue Skies.