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  1. I did have an MRI done about a year ago on it. It stated that the degeneration/herniations are mild. The ortho/PT guy said that I shouldnt be having the tingling with the mild MRI report. He said I shouldnt have limitations, but to stay on top of things. I decided to do a few jumps and see how it went. I did some good stretching before and after each jump, and had nothing but some mild muscle soreness (Im not used to arching and all that yet) I did four jumps in two days with no tingling or abmormal pain/soreness. If it does return, I'll surely go back to the docs. The degenerations/herniations were not caused by a single event, but a result for 8 years of military service. We had to wear a lot of unergonomic extra weight, and it just wore down on me. I do a lot of core excersizes and I have been getting serious with the stretching. Im certainly not going to push my limits, but so far, so good. Im gonna try to rack up a few more jumps this weekend, and I'll continue to see how that goes.
  2. Hello all! I went to the docs, and he said that I shouldnt have any limitation. I did three skydives this weekend and all were smooth as butter! No pain or tingling. Im very very pleased by this and I should have my A license in no time! Thank you all once again for your help and advice!
  3. Thanks everyone for your advice. I have an ortho appointment coming up so we'll see how that goes.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm extremely new to the sport, as in I started jumping this week! I've got four AFF jumps down. I've been wanting to skydive for years, but for a long time was unable to due to location. I'm very thrilled to finally be able start. After my jumps, I noticed neck and back pain, as well as associated tingling and numbness. An MRI last year showed that I have two herniated discs in the neck and two more in the lower back. The MRI listed the herniations as either mild, slight, or small. The MRI was over a year ago, and I was told that discs naturally get worse over time. Plus, MRIs arnt 100% accurate, so I think maybe the status of the discs is worse than what was shown due to the significant symptoms at the time. Light physical therapy and exercise over the last year has made things better. I currently work out regularly and kickbox with no symptoms. I've read the existing posts about herniated discs, but Im trying to get as much information as I can on what I can do to safely skydive without worsening things. Any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.