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  1. Thanks for the input. Quite honestly I'm just looking for ideas, I'm open to anywhere so long as there's an amazing view from exit. I've been to Moorea before and I loved it! I never considered that there would be skydiving there though... I'll look into it. Any other ideas?
  2. It's a little bit of a drive but Skydive Oregon in Molalla is a good DZ. I received my AFF there before moving on to the Ranch in NY. They're sticklers about rules which IMO is a good building block for new students. Suffice to say it's a professional DZ. The only negative I have was that it's tandem oriented and there aren't a lot of fun jumpers around (at least when I was there).
  3. BLUFF: I want to skydive in a tropical heaven where the USD is strong and the location is gorgeous. I was thinking Thailand originally, but it appears that there aren't any DZ's near the ocean/islands. Fiji looks like a good potential, and I've heard about places in Mexico, but I'm not sure. I'm leaning towards the south pacific. I'm a college senior so I don't have wads of cash (planning on back packing as much as I can), but I'm not picky. THROW A DART AT THAT GLOBE AND LETS GET HER GOING!