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  1. airnando


    I these guys really deliver! I was travelling to US, and took the opportunity to get a custom rig. I chose Wings mainly because of the reviews here on DZ. Have to say I’m not disappointed. The costumer service isn't less than perfect. You are walked through the whole process, with professionalism, rigour and on time. Who else delivers a full customized rig on less than 7 weeks? The rig looks and feels great, very good overall quality. Fits perfect. They even went out of their way, inspecting the canopies I had delivered for assembly, and argued with the manufacturer for replacement, truly a 5 stars service. I have some jumps on it now and couldn’t be happier. With these guys you do get more than you pay for.
  2. Had a new one installed by a rigger, on inspection he found some issues on the stitching quality on the stabilizers, and asked for replacement 3 times, but they kept comming the same. PD told him it was normal. Still, i will give a trhrough inspection on the stiching if i ever use it. I believe this may be because of the thin fabric its made of.