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  1. Just wondering what some of you guys would recommend as a first jump suit. While I only have a single tandem in my log , I am hooked and am aggressively planning my training for the spring. And my thinking is that if I start buying 'stuff' it will be just one less thing to buy latter. Already have a line on a nice helmet and goggles. And likely ill just use the training alt until I graduate aff ( and will likely be getting the same model anyway ) But now I am thinking of jump suit .. But there are so many .. and so many different options on all of them. Where do I start ?? What would be best as a first time suit. While I am not rich , I am willing to invest in something if it is really worth it. But of course less expensive is better. If not a particular brand / style # .. What should I be looking for when deciding on a suit that will last me through my first 100 or 2 jumps ? Thanks for any advise you can provide -Chris
  2. Now this is a freaky idea .. But thinking about it further , The tech exists to do this. Why not avoid the audio cues , as they could get confusing and are slow .. just the 3 seconds it takes from when the computer decides to say "TURN LEFT" till the time when the word LEFT comes out of the speaker could be important ..Why not use a simple vibrating ring on an ankle .. it can become second nature. Similar to this https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Compass_Vibro_Anklet_Directions If you really are serious about developing this , may I suggest the arduino platform as a quick prototyping / development platform. It uses a language called processing to build the programs. http://www.arduino.cc/ There are MANY MANY gps modules that you can get , as cheap as 25 bucks for a basic nema unit that can output postion updates at 10 times a second and can interface with the micro controller easily. One wensite that I like to use for electronic experiments is www.sparkfun.com Great little company. As for separation and collision avoidance , you could always use similar technology to tacas and request that any / all divers on the jump carry a basic transponder. While not ideal , just saying that it could be arranged. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_collision_avoidance_system Now I am not an experienced skydiver ( Still a student ) but I do have a bit of experience with embedded systems and purpose built hardware. The basics of what you are suggesting are very very doable .. But really .. the thought of a blind skydiver scares me.. I would see this tech used to augment an approach. Not to be used in IMC or by a blind diver.
  3. Yes , I am seriously considering it. If I can work the travel and scheduling OK , then this is likely how I will get my A. Most likely in February or early march ( So I can stay current till the season starts up here in the NE ) The pricing seems reasonable and comparable to zones in my area. Perhaps even a bit less , as the local zone I did my first tandem at requires 2 additional tandems before AFF. And doesn't include any tunnel time.
  4. Now THAT is interesting .. This looks almost like its a weekend or two ... and I can walk away with an A for less then 3 grand .. Would that really be a smart thing ?? I mean would I be trained properly ?? I would not want to be a victim of a licence mill or anything like that.
  5. Thanks for all the ideas guys .. I have already ordered a benny helmet .. And I remembered I have a balaclava type thing in my closet that I bought a few years ago on a ski trip. I think that will work well. ( I hope ) Also , talked to some of the guys at the DZ , it seems like they may have a headphone jack on the radios which I can plug directly into. As for the 3 year old with bilateral implants .. Its nice that you were able to get them both installed while he is still young. I have only had mine for less then a year , and am looking to do the other ear shortly ( as soon as the recall for cochlear america is over .. ) But I digress... I will be looking into that wig tape stuff.. it sounds like it will help. Also the instrutor I spoke to , said that the radio is actually the backup and that the primary mode of talking to a student under canopy is flags and hand signals. So that should be simple , even if I cant find a way to keep my CI on during free fall. Now .. can someone push the earth around the sun quicker .. I cant wait for spring so I can start jumping !!!! -Chris
  6. OK .. Also just spoke to some of the guys at my local DZ .. Sounds like the consensus is that tunnel time is worth it .. Thanks for all the info guys !!! Mucho appreciated !!
  7. Recently did my first tandem.. And well .. I am hooked. Now the season is almost over up here in the north east USA. So likely I will be waiting until spring to go through AFF. I am only about 2 hours away from the NH tunnel ( flight and rental car from nyc to boston to nashua is only about 150 round trip .. ) So I can even do this as a day trip and take the wife to go look at leaves and things :-D. Should I go get some time prior to starting my AFF training ? Anyone have discount codes or anything to the NH tunnel ? Or perhaps someone has a membership and is willing to sell me a half hour or so ?? Or will I end up learning bad things that I will have to unlearn in real air ? Thanks for any advise you can provide.
  8. HAHAH .. Might end up loosing a bit of hair when I take it off. But I guess it might actually work .. In Fact I just had an idea. Perhaps a real tight fitting cap , or even a stocking. Might work to keep it in place under my helmet.
  9. Hello , I only just recently did a tandem jump. However I have caught the bug. I am deaf , but use a cochlear implant. If you did not know I was deaf , you would have a hard time telling. The CI allows me to have normal conversations and even use the phone. It is two parts , the external device that hooks over the ear , and uses a magnet ( not VERY strong ) to send signals to the actual internal implant. Anyone else dive with one , and if so how do you keep it attached. During my tandem , my instructor was able to put the processor ( the external device ) in his pocket , and hand it to me after opening. Worked great. and likely thats how I would fly with it latter in my diving career. However during training , I would feel much more comfortable using a helmet ( the DZ I am planing on traing with requires it also , I think ) . Does anyone else dive with one , and can advise of a model / brand / style that may be best to keep the coil placement ? Thanks for any information you can provide.