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  1. your girlfriends tube is glow in the dark with black lights when im done with her buddy.
  2. where do i get a normal one non custoM? thanks for respnding
  3. the kind that you've never used is the kind i'm talking about.
  4. Sorry i don't know the correct name for what im looking for so im turning to the forums. (search rendered useless based on my lack of intelligence) im looking for a company that will make me a tube streamer with a custom logo that you often see in big way jumps. thank you in advance!
  5. really no one knows what im talking about?
  6. im sorry i do not know the proper name for what im looking for, which renders search kinda useless im looking to find a company that offers custom tube streamers, the kind someone holds onto during freefall, or attatches to ones foot for others to fly around looking to put custom logo any help greatly appreciated