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  1. The Wild Geese has great aircraft and some very good facilities (large packing area, brilliant mock ups, fan drops etc) but unfortunately the number of club members is very low to make good use of these facilities. Why are there few skydivers at Wild Geese? The economic climate may be partially to blame, but I believe it is largely because staff there can be VERY unfriendly towards new people and they do very little to encourage retention of current skydivers. Because of these few numbers, regular skydivers there find it difficult to get enough people to do "proper" jumps with and it is almost impossible to improve your skills unless you make frequent foreign DZ or tunnel trips. If Wild Geese staff and club members are friendly and encouraging to ALL people, old and new, then the number of regular jumpers may rise, which may in turn increase the talent pool and start to solve this DZ's problems.