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  1. There is a common misconception that if I am conducting research I am going to be taking surveys . That is not my intent at all. If I do interview, they would be very semi structured.
  2. I do see how you think risk taking is over played but as much as you may think there is hardly any research about it in the field of anthropology. that maybe because psychology has focused on it tremendously. the gender aspect does seem interesting as well and not much research is out there when it comes to gender in sky diving. I suppose researchers or general public do not see or focus beyond the "risk" of it.
  3. hmmm .. gender and power relations in skydiving ?
  4. I see where you are coming from. I am not looking at this from a psychological or a sociological perspective. I am not looking to study individual risk takers but the culture of it. Maybe I could look at the addiction aspect of skydiving? what makes u come back for more and more. coz I certainly wana go back for more :) especially those of you who have 100's of jumps under your belt. let me know what you think.
  5. I am open to suggestions. What are your recommendations ?
  6. UPDATE: Decided to narrow it down to exploring Edge work and culture of risk taking among skydivers. Thank you all for helping. I would love to hear your opinions about this. I will ask more specific question as soon as I gather more knowledge about these issues.
  7. Thats good advice. From the looks of it my drop zone seems very chilled out and easy going. Could not find any negative reviews as well :P
  8. Thank you. Due to my research process, i have to submit an issue or topic before i immense myself in the "field" so to speak.
  9. Hello everyone, i recently had my first skydive and loved it. i am an anthropology student planing to do some research on skydiving. i am very new to this sport so i am still trying to figure it out. i want you experienced people to help me out with my research. i want to study skydiving communities and culture in dropzones and among professionals. Socio cultural aspect within the sport . The community, its politics, or what have you. what issues would you want a researcher to focus on within the sport? Because there is not much research out there on this topic. i cant just go to a dropzone and start observing and interview. please give me a direction and what should i look for. i am still trying to formulate a research focus.