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  1. I'm going to Thailand in April and I thought I was going to get to jump there. On the Thai sky adventures website it says the dropzone is closed until further notice. WTF?!?
  2. To people who fly a Fusion by Precision. I am seriously considering a new Fusion, my wing load will be 1.1. I like what I have heard about this canopy so far, and feel that the price and wait time are reasonable. How well do you like the High Modulus Aramid fiber suspension lines? And more importantly, are your openings consistently soft and on heading? Also, how do you like packing it?
  3. Hey, thanks! I guess knowing that this thing can save my life isn't enough... I'm putting on my stupid cap right now. I just had to read the quote from page 21 like 5 times to understand it... I will be turning off my AAD at the end of the day for now on...
  4. I recently purchased a Vigil 2 for my rig. Most of the time it is turns off by the next day (I think its supposed to be after 14 hours). It has happend twice that it was still turned on when I arrived at the DZ three days after my last jump. I jumped it yesterday and its turned off today. I am wondering, has anybody else has had any similar issues? I'm keeping an eye on it, but any good feedback would be helpful.
  5. Also, I'm looking for a used rig in the 190 to 210 range. For someone around 6'1". Thanks!
  6. I dare ya to put THAT on a Tee-Shirt! *** Good one So, I just got my A license yesterday! I needed 5 coached jumps and one hop and pop. I couldn't believe we fit all the jumps in, especially because it was foggy in the morning so we were delayed. It was a blast doing jump after jump after jump. I had to drop the biggest deuce! But there was no time between jumping and packing to make the next plane! Oh, and I have realized, it is more my body position than my leg straps that affects the hard opening on my back...
  7. I've been keeping my leg straps tight and I haven't had any hard openings since... My packing class was great! I love packing my own! It's such a rewarding feeling having a canopy that you packed open up smoothly. I've now done 4 solo jumps and I love this sport more every day. I've been packing and jumping a pulse 230. Right now I dont care about the canopy size, that canopy lands and flies so smoothly. But its the free fall that I'm really so addicted to. Hopefully I will get the rest of my jumps within the next 10 days to get my A license!Quote
  8. Greetings! Newbie here, i just finished my AFF levels. I am taking my packing class on Thursday. My goal is to get my A license within the next two weeks. I would definatly be jumping tomorrow, but my lower back is sore!! I guess my leg straps were a little too loose on my level 7 jump and when I opened canopy it snapped my back a little! Not like break my back snap, but that shit hurt! My instructor told me to keep my legs forward a little after I pull, but I think it was mostly that my leg straps were loose. I just remember pulling then arching and snap! I love this sport and I don't want that to happen again. Thanks for listening!!