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    Then you'd think you'd know I was talking about "fucking" with people in a negative way that causes anger. Not "fucking" around with people as in bantering. Maybe if you read the whole thread - you wouldn't have got lost on that one, it was pretty fucking simple. Shame on you.
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    Agree Agree Agree. I didn't think that I could agree with Joe and Jakee on the same issue on the page of posts. The more Putin attacks Ukrainian infrastructure the more I think the Baltic leaders are right and know Russia best. They suggest that arming Ukraine substantially better is the way to deter Putin. Because sanctions are not sharp enough to outsmart Putin. The Ukrainians have been smart and responsible in the use of NATO supplied weapons. But they are suffering large losses in the process. An exhausted capitulated Ukraine and a Putin win does nobody favors. He could win. What if he drafts a million men next spring? Decides Georgia, Belarus, Moldova should be next? Even before he finishes off Ukraine?
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    That’s literally what underestimating means. A gaffe like that from Biden and you would say it’s proof he has dementia.
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    Guardian: Trump did not disclose $19.8m loan while president, documents show The loan from Daewoo, a company with ties to North Korea, should have been reported in public financial disclosures I'm shocked!!!
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    I keep reading the same stories you are reading. But I am skeptical. There is a long history of news organizations being spoon fed false or overly positive information to keep public support in times of war. I don't completely call bullshit, but I definitely take stories about Russia's problems with a healthy grain of salt.
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    This is it.. Crew transmits Cooper's initial demand.. "stairs to be lwrd after tkoff" Now, a little later Cooper wants Tina to manipulate stairs for him.. (that must mean lowering after take-off) crew tries to tell him instructions/operate stairs.. then crew suggests letting them lower partially and possibly locking in intermediate position. In this passage Cooper wants Tina to lower stairs and crew tries to convince him to allow them to lower part way.. This indicates crew first suggested stairs lowered for take-off.. they wanted to get Tina off of the plane. Cooper still wants Tina to lower stairs after takeoff.. (even after crew suggested lowering part way) note, here Cooper wants stairs in 1 degree,, that might mean unlocked. Flight Ops advices Crew cannot takeoff with door down. (It was the crew that previously suggested it) This all takes place before the Reno negotiations... Later, after Reno negotiation Cooper agrees to stairs full uprite position.. (this indicates locked position) Fact, Cooper's initial demand was stairs lowered after take-off. Fact, while Cooper wanted Tina to manipulate the stairs it was the crew that first suggested lowering/locking part way. It appears Cooper wanted the stairs unlocked, not fully extended for take-off.. but eventually accepted fully up and locked. There may have been some communication error between the crew, ground and Cooper.. Tina was probably the intermediary between Cooper and the crew. Cooper always wanted Tina/stew to lower the stairs (after take-off).. it is also indicated that he also wanted the stairs unlocked/open/1 degree.. IMO, he wanted them unlocked, not lowered for take-off (the crew suggested that) and the stew to lower after take-off.
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    ??? No-one's talking about invading Russia or has any intention of invading Russia. But so far with about 5 exceptions every bit of ordinance used in this war by both sides has exploded on Ukrainian territory, devastating Ukrainian land, infrastructure, culture and people. Russia acts as if those 5 or so exceptions are shocking, unprecedented and unjustified violations of its national sovereignty rather than natural consequences of starting a war on their own border. So far NATO and the EU have effectively played along with that narrative, as does talk about 'invading Russia'. There's no good reason why Ukraine should bear the entire brunt of the damage from this war, and no good reason why they should not be able to strike at the military equipment and infrastructure inside Russian border that is continuing to support and facilitate the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
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    Hi folks, Now, this is interesting: Trump came in third place with 14.6 percent, nearly 2 points below [ Liz ] Cheney and nearly 10 points behind [ DeSantis] Would it not be the final irony if Liz Cheney were to get the GOP nod for POTUS? Trump trails DeSantis and Cheney in Utah poll of possible 2024 GOP contenders | The Hill Jerry Baumchen
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    American Rescue Plan Act. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Remember when trump promised this? With zero effort to achieve it? A bipartisan passed bill. Inflation Reduction Act. Chips and Science Act. Again bipartisan. Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Again bipartisan. Sgt. 1st Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics, or PACT, Act. A bipartisan passed bill Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, and about a dozen more. Its just too bad that one tribe spends so much time in the warrens watching FOX that they don't see how he protects Americans.
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    Just like most things in the Cooper world, there are multiple versions of ever event.
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    The Republicans should be forced to carry Trump to term, even if it threatens the life of the Republican Party.
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