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    Ok so the first time I rocked up I was greeted by a girl on reception who was to be honest fairly nice. I was happy until the owner walked it and somehow all the morale in the room (including the staffs) was immediately sucked out, this set the tone for pretty much every visit since. The owner is probably the most arrogant, rude, and miserable person I've ever met. I really cannot see why anyone would return, especially as the prices are so stupidly high...... I think people only return because some of the staff there do just enough to sometimes make up for the managements incompetence and complete lack of customer service. Honestly if the owner had talked to me like I over heard her with others she'd have had a shot across the bows immediately, and unfortunately this attitude seems to have caught on with a couple of her staff. The cafe is crazy overpriced and to be honest an embarrassment, it also seeing pretty much zero customer service and effort. The aircraft aren't anything special, but honestly aren't bad either, no real variation but hey they work so can't complain too much. The manifest system is different, writing your name in pen on a board and then waiting to be added to a computer system (not too bad for me, but surely it would be easier to just check in at a manifest window?). The system that displays the manifest is only up in the cafe, and has no indication as to when your lift will be, you sort of just sit around checking the screen every 5 mins until you're on call. A few times I've overheard a member of staff (don't recall his name) briefing up jumpers like they were kids, not professional and if he'd done the same with me he'd have soon regretted it, but not my business and rather than cause waves, I bit my tongue on that one. Judging by the looks he got, a few people won't be jumping there again. The opening hours are stated but in my experience they are often late I could go on and on as I've seen some really terrible attitudes and bad service flying around there but I best just sum it up....... Expensive for what it is (much cheaper and better places available), customer service the worst I've seen (besides a few staff - sorry to you guys about this), Owner is obnoxious and arrogant (lowers the mood of the entire place), overpriced dz, overpriced cafe, no morale and flat atmosphere, not punctual and late to open On the plus side though, the wings bar next door is really good, cheap, nice ale, and run with a friendly service
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    I arrived during Voss Freefly Festival. What a pity !! (I could just stay a few days there during a trip - not the entire week as freeflyers do) There were no 1-day-fee to allow people like me to jump during this time. So... either pay a 150 $ fee for maybe 5 or 6 jumps... ...or don't. I didn't ! People from the staff didn't look so interested in welcoming me or other people for a few jumps as they were in money. Too sad. But the place is really scenic!
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    I love skydive mesquite! It's a little bit of a drive but SO worth it! I love my skydiving family =) Thanks for everything, Brad!
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