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    That's the place to be if you want to jump from a rear-door aircraft in Europe. Great people, great aircraft, great location. Full recommendation!
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    Direct flight from JFK to PRG can be had at a great price. Family Owned/Operated. Kindergarten on DZ for those that travel with children. Aircraft are incredibly maintained...best SkyVans I have ever seen (4 of them) and 2 182RGs. Pilots are very professional and highly experienced. Landing area is adjacent to large grass landing strip. State-of-the-art Swoop Pond. Multiple rooms for rental, plenty of tent space. As well as rooms for rent at hangar. All with WiFi. Manifestors speak English and German, English and Czech, or Czech and German so language is not an issue. Great restaurants (very affordable) on the airport or in town, and lodging off the airport is inexpensive (E30.00/night). Prague only an hour + away, Vienna about a 3hr drive. Did I mention they have a Pink Skyvan?
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    While on vacation in Czech with my Czech hubby, lol. I found out that Skydive Pink Klatovy was opening that week. We drove 4.5hrs just so I could see her, that big beautiful Pink Crazy looking Skyvan and jump from her tail. OMG, what an experience. This plane is by far the cleanest and nicest plane ever. The staff were pretty much all German but they all spoke English. When my husband began to speak Czech, they were like "Huh, do you speak English or German". We all laughed. Very friendly people. GREAT Landing area. No problems finding the landing area and no damn trees around to produce turbs. For once. LOL. I will be back again hopefully this summer and will make it down to jump her again. GREAT EXPERIENCE!
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    I had a few days to spare in Czech Republic and decided at the last minute to take a bus up to the Pink Skyvan operation in Klatovy. I only stayed one night and as weather was bad the second day I only made a few jumps but I was impressed by both the people and the facilities at this DZ; nice pool, restaurant and bar, bunkhouses, free camping and good bathrooms! The majority of people spoke German as their first language, but even if not everyone understood me they were all very friendly! Within an hour of arriving I was on an organised RW jump. Prague is just a few hours away and this was a nice way to break from sightseeing and jump the Pink skyvan - what a funky plane!
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