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    I have been jumping now going on 10 years at countless drop zones around the world, and I have to say without a shadow of doubt, that the wild geese DZ located in Northern Ireland is by far the worst DZ I have been too. The staff and owner are extremely unfriendly to the point that it seems they do not want you at the club. The vibe you get is they are only interested in money and talking tandem jumps, not the place for licensed jumpers, not matter what experience level you are at. It seems that if you had not completed your training or licenses through them they do not want you there. THIS is DEFINITELY a DZ to be avoided, which is a shame as they have good facilities and good aircraft, and could be the gem in Northern Ireland, but the staff let it done by the bucket load
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    This is NOT a good dropzone. The facilities are top class and staff are efficient but all this is offset by the horrible, desolate atmosphere and total lack of regular skydivers. I have been told stories of countless nice people, good skydivers being alienated and driven out over the years. There is no passion for the sport here. Their only interest is money, and there is a difference between not suffering fools gladly and just being horrible in general. If your face fits, so be it. I visited a couple of times and decided not to go back, and did not intend to write a review. When I went on and seen there were three reviews, only one of which were accurate, and the other two laughably ridiculous, I had to say something. I have it on good authority that one of the reviews on here was written by the CCI of the club, and another by a sycophant at their behest. If all the staff get replaced, with actual nice people, then go to this dropzone. Otherwise, avoid.