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    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

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    m2 AAD, DOM 5/2016, SN: 005015 No scheduled service. 15.5 year lifetime. Expert, feet.


    - US

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    Time Left: 12 days and 20 hours

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    Very Large Rig 6.4" 6-6" 250-300 lbs Great condition, no tears in Harness, Excellent condition. Large Wings Complete Rig. Navigator 300 SF Reserve 270 SF never used. Mike (432) 924-3611 [email protected]


    MIDLAND, Texas - US

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    Time Left: 11 days and 2 hours

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    Both canopies and the container are like new, only have 55 jumps on entire rig, no reserve rides, reserve has only been repacked 5 times, and the AAD is expired but the cutter is still good. I'm the only owner, I started having back/knee problems and never recovered enough to start jumping again. Very versatile size for all big and/or tall skydivers. Container was custom built for me when I was 6'6" tall and 230 lbs, chest measurement 44", waist 34". I'm currently 6'6"/275 lbs/49"/39" and it still fits me like a glove (pic of me wearing it in the house is current Feb 2021). Container: Mirage G4, size M7, DOM Feb 2005. Has RSL, Unisyn hip+chest rings, BOC freefly handle, soft cutaway handle, metal D-ring reserve handle, integrated hook knife, 1" mini risers, center line collapsible pilot chute. Has minor wear/dirt on leg strap from a poor landing, otherwise in like new condition. Main: PD Sabre2 230, DOM Nov 2004. Blue/White/Blackberry/White/Blue cells. Collapsible slider, soft links, lines, and canopy are in pristine condition, still extremely slick. Reserve: PDR 218, DOM Feb 1992 (only owner, purchased new in 2005). All red cells. No rides, repacked 5 times, pristine condition. AAD: Airtec Cypres Expert (EXPIRED), single cutter (unfired), DOM May 2001. Includes extra rubber bands, tube stows, main closing pin, and main closing loop. To purchase this same rig brand new would cost you $6,330; G4=$2,475, Sabre2=$2,390, PDR=$1,465. Make me a reasonable offer and this great rig can be yours for a steal of a deal! Prefer to meet within 2 hours of middle Georgia, but will ship under the right conditions.


    Warner Robins, Georgia - US

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    Time Left: 10 days and 22 hours

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    It is 100% FREEFLY FRIENDLY rig. This rig will come disassembled & currently not packed either with main or reserve canopies. Harness size: Main Web: 18’ Laterals: 24’ Chest Strap: 19’ Leg pad single piece: 31’ And as per data tag the harness is: F F F E. This rig best fit 5'10" to 6'3", 180 - 220 lbs solid build individual. Owner reported 320 jumps on the container. Solid black in colour, with red Icon pattern arrow on the reserve & main closing flaps. Red harness. Embroideries: Icon Logo (white/red) – both sidewals; Aerodyne Logo (red/yellow) – right 3 ring cover; Icon (yellow) – yoke************************************CONTAINER: Aerodyne Icon I6 DOM 2008 • articulated leg straps • quilted back & legpads • wide (type 8) chest strap • narrow 21’ (type 17) risers with hard inserts, velcroless toggles & dive loops • black cutaway handle • D-ring reserve handle • mini 3 ring configuration • BOC collapsible PC with leather hackey (red) • RSL installed • FF bungee cord installed • AAD ready • 100% FREEFLY FRIENDLY*************************MAIN CANOPY: Aerodyne 2005 manufactured Triathlon 210. Owner reported 280 jumps on the canopy and original lineset. Green/white colour combo. No damage or imperfections of any kind. Canopy is crinkly, shiny clean, never been wet and never seen Arizona dust. On soft links*********************************RESERVE CANOPY: 2018 manufactured Icarus Nano 218. Brand new canopy, never been packed & still sealed in the original plastic bag***********************************AAD: Cypres 2 DOM Jan ‘11 and is good till July 2023. Unit had it’s 8 years check & ready to be installed**********************************PS….. Pics available upon request. XL size gear bag is also available for extra $85.00


    - US

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