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    Wings W21 SN 11231 DOM 6/2014 (articulated harness, spacer foam, rsl, collapsible pilot chute) Reserve R-max 209 SN 60452247 DOM 6/2014, Safire-2 189 sN 94118359 DOM 7/14. Argus AAD with fresh 4 year service. Only 125 jumps on rig. Main crisp as new. Fresh reserve repack. Ready to jump. Excellent condition. Included black large gear bag, jump suit, Ares altimeter and Benny royal blue extra large. Wings harness measurements: height 67”-73” ; waist 35”-41”; weight 180-220 lbs; thigh 24”-27”; yoke L; MLW M; Leg L; Lateral M


    , Florida

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