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    An amazing birthday jump! My Jumpmaster, Ben, was just the best! Professional, knowledgeable and safety conscious, and also warm and friendly. Be sure to ask for him! This was my second jump, first one a few years ago. Their high standards for safety, and awesome customer service obviously continues over the years. I give them 10 stars out of 5...
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    I choose Skydive Monterey for my very first Skydiving experience and, I’m glad I did. The crew members are amazing, very supportive and friendly that’s makes the whole experience a joy ride. Special thanks to Jonny for helping me all along and most importantly bringing me back to ground in one piece. You’re incredible! I would choose to jump with you any day.
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    Staff and Instructor are very knowledgeable and friendly. Loved the overall experience and the location for the dive is very scenic. The plane is a bit small but it's not a major hassle as you spend like 10 mins or less in the plane. You get to see the monterey bay during your dive. My instructor Eli was pretty cool and experienced. The jump and landing was very smooth and I didn't experienced any pain. A big thanks to Eli for creating this great first experience of skydiving
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    This was my first jump, my son’s second and we did 18,000 feet tandem. I was with Brent and did not have even a single apprehension. In fact, I felt zen and relaxed throughout the entire jump. From the front desk staff, to the pilot, to Cameron our videographer (loved him), to my instructor Brent it was one of the best experiences of my life. Wish I lived here I’d learn to do it solo! Only bad thing about doing it here my first time is I’m afraid nothing will ever measure up! Thank you so much, Skydive Monterey Bay!
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    Skydive Monterey Bay is the BEST tandem and solo skydiving company I have ever jumped with. My two jumps were the best experiences ever with this same company and the only I would ever consider. Eli and Raff are the best skydive masters to tandem with. Customer service is top of the line and the process from beginning to end was smooth. Thank you so much for the best experience ever.
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    The best part is the team, they will make you feel very comfortable will train you well and will make this a memorable experience. I really liked the 18000 jump, the video editing is amazing. Would Like to personally extend my thanks to "Mikhail", he is the BEST. Thank you again for making it a wonderful experience.
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    Excellent place to jump during week. 18k with a very conservative opening altitude was 81 seconds. Their King Air is a rocket, 4 turns and you are on jump run! Attentive office staff, great vibe, friendly locals. Got a coach and he made me work in the air, exactly what I asked for. The turns are fast so if you have the means bring two rigs. Landing area is clear, safe, with plenty of bailouts albeit small. I'll go back. Tandems determine load altitude- just get over it. Very happy with the crew there.
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    Just stopped by on a short trip to CA on business. Super friendly people, super fast plane, great scenery and easy access. Facilities do need an upgrade. though. A positive experience, and I'd recommend it to anyone!
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    I did a jump here and was treated like a regular. This dz has an awesome vibe, the people are very nice and despite their reputation of being a tandem factory, they catered to us fun jumpers without any problems. The king air 200 series they have is the fastest plane Ive ever been on, and the heater inside the plane isnt too bad either! Landing area is a bit far from the packing area but there were plenty of vans to come pick us up. The view is gorgeous too. I cant think of anything bad about this dropzone, if I lived closer Id make it my home dz. I highly recommend this place.
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    I went to this DZ for my first two tandems. Both times the instructors were very helpful and fun, and the jumps were amazing...but both times the wait was excrusiatingly long. They take reservations for tandems starting at 9am..but if the fog doesn't burn off then the entire day is delayed. For my second tandem I went and waited 8 hours and still didn't get to jump and had to come back another day and wait another 6 hours to jump. The girl at the front desk is often rude and misleading on wait times just so she can get your money and then you're locked in. I have never jumped there as a solo jump and I am interested to try it, but for a tandem be prepared for a very long wait to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
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