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    October 20th of 2020 was a very important milestone and birthday for a dear family friend of mine, who has wished for his 70th birthday to go skydive and as of yesterday, thanks to the incredible people here at Skydive Spaceland, not only did his wish come true - I achieved a dream that I had long forgotten about. The years are what you make of them, as the saying goes but especially in a hard year it can be easy to forget that celebrations are out there, good experencies and genuine people are out there that are energetic and want to share life with you too. The positivity here blows my mind still and I've waited since the jump to make sure I can review without this being an adrenaline-rushed review. Having said that, I'm still greatly impacted by the amount of professionalism, the absolute joy that came from everyone there and also - how everyone who was there yesterday was treated individually and was able to ask and share candidly so that however their own wishes and dreams for skydiving came about, that their needs were met in style. I cannot praise this place enough and the people who help not only educate past the general information, but really leave encouragement and an impact on you. Turning moments like these into a bliss that is indescribable. I realize this isn't listing specifics but everyone followed health codes for this year and were an absolute joy to be around. I left there feeling empowered for my personal experience and cannot wait to be in the air again. I'm certain my friend wants this to be a tradition and if anyone is reading this, is nervous or experienced, whatever your reasons are I really hope you will consider going here if you wish to skydive. Their ability to educate as well as encourage everyone was - well - still is really - quite inspiring! Two individuals who were so nervous beforehand came up to my friend and I afterwards and there was just this simply but pure joy and confidence radiating from them especially. I apologize for a long review but experiences that are worth your while, and the people who make them incredible, I feel it is important to share those experiences. Especially on the off chance someone is considering skydiving and found this location and page. I recommend Skydive Spaceland Dallas not only for location and experience and what you walk away with but I recommend them if you also want to meet some incredible people on your own adventure and journey.
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    It's my home DZ and most modern DZ in Ukraine! Situation for July 2006: 1 jump ticket to 4200 m(14.000 ft) - 95 UAH (around 19$). Exange rate - 100$=500 UAH. Block and group discounts, for example - 100 jump'a ticket will cost 8360 grn.=1650$ (maximim discount is 12%, valid for 6 months)
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