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SKYFLYER is a completely new type of wingsuit made by the creators of BirdMan™ wingsuits. SKYFLYER is a truly high performance third generation wingsuit, that is easy to wear and use, and naturally also looks good both on the ground and in the air. The performance of the SKYFLYER is based upon improved aerodynamics and reduced drag. Less drag means more speed. Increased speed and a greater surface area with the latest aerodynamics means more lift. During our test flights we have reached temporary vertical speeds of 8 m/s or 27 km/h (18 mph). Flying a high performance wingsuit like SKYFLYER is a true flying experience and gives you satisfaction beyond imagination. We have tested the suit over 9 months and finally we believe that some of us are ready for it.


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Inexpensive, great performer
narrow leg stance= twitchy

The skyflyer is farely cheap these days because they don't make them and most people are constantly "downsizing". I picked my skyflyer up for $500 with only 10 jumps, and I've found them cheaper. As soon as I got mine I added the wing grippers. I've now jumped the skyflyer with them and without them and it makes a HUGE difference. If your a flocker you can take a dock then release then easily grab the grippers again. From what I've gathered flying the GTIs and the skyflyers that the narrow stance really makes the skyflyer naturally unstable. It constantly requires attention from the pilot. Once you get it figured out though it really takes off. With my limited experience (35 wingsuit and 15 skyflyer jumps) I get it down in the 40's for average. I get out 2.5 miles at 10K. This is a really good suit. Don't think of it as substandered. For deployment its just like the gti. The arm wings don't get in the way. If I could change anything it would be a wider stance. But thats why theres the S3. Give it a try. You'll be pleasently surprised.

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Two words: Lift/Distance
A little trickier than the GTi

For starters, if there are any of you that have had the infamous dream of soaring across the sky while looking down and seeing the ground pass you by, this is the ticket to your dreams.
I owned a GTi prior to purchasing the Skyflyer. The GTi was a blast and relatively easy to figure out and fly. The Skyflyer is not the same animal. It was little trickier finding the "Sweet spot" during flight and seems to be a little easier to get unstable. But once you have figured out the optimum flight characteristics, you will take off to whole new level of fulfilling your dream.
As far as deployment, not a whole lot different from the GTi, just a little easier to get in a bind. Granted, you are having to take MY word for it, or possibly judge from an opinion that may be completely different from everyone elses, BUT, I have found that the Skyflyer is everything they say it is in the ad and then some. Coming from someone that has just started flying the beast, quite possibly some more opinions should be welcomed! But I will say that it is a complete blast to fly and you never have to worry about a bad spot!
I would not, however, recommend someone with little to no experience with wingsuits to "Just give it a try!" It is not for the weak at heart.
Hope that this review has come across helpful. Blue Skies, Long Soars!!!

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