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The SET-400 is a high performance, semi-elliptical, 9-cell main canopy. Zero porosity fabric on the upper and lower surfaces combined with low porosity ribs makes packing easier while significantly enhancing performance.

The semi-elliptical design of the SET-400 produces a longer, flatter glide and contributes to remarkably soft openings. Six to seven seconds for an 800-1000 ft. opening!

The SET-400 is capable of swoop landing or precision accuracy using the sink and surge technique. Positive flare allows for stand up landings in variable conditions.

400 FlightThe SET-400 offers:

  • Unsurpassed in performance and safety.
  • Smooth and responsive flight characteristics.
  • Exceptional penetration ability and flat glide.
  • Consistent and dependable openings.
  • Superior performance in turns, stalls and recoveries.
  • Durability leader in the tandem industry.
  • The most predictable and reliable tandem canopy available.


Buy from these trusted stores

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