Flight Concepts introduces the latest in high performance, the Rage. Flight Concepts has combined years of research to provide you with the best in total elliptical performance. From clean, consistent, soft openings to brisk turns, penetrating speeds, and long swoops, the Rage has it all.


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Flight, landing, openings after 50-100 jumps on lineset
Openings during first 50-100 jumps on a new lineset

I have about 700 jumps on a Rage 170.
Flights are uneventful.

Landings are nice. Even with a conventional landing, the Rage will maintain a horizontal flight for quite some time.

Openings were quite hard for the first 50 or 100 jumps. No complaints for openings after the first 100 jumps. Then I had it relined. Now openings are hard again. I am eagerly awaiting until the jump numbers increase and the openings become slower again when the lines age.

I would recommend buying a Rage that has 50-100 jumps on the current lineset.
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Great on heading openings. Good Flare.
None yet

I have about 150 jumps on the canopy, it's worked everytime. Fun to fly, great beginner canopy. I would buy another one.

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Fun to fly
hard openings

This is a great canopy and the company gave me a great deal with a military discount. The only thing I have found negative is the hard openings and im sure its just my pack jobs so no strike against the chute.

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