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  1. DustyP

    My little project

    Gotta say, when I started reading this thread I littrally thought you were out of your fucking mind. I've read this entire thread and I'm actually quite impressed. .
  2. DustyP

    Hello from Indiana!

    I've heard of that place. How often are you out there? As often as I can, but not nearly enough. Couple times a month, slowly getting back into it, wife and I just had a baby. .
  3. DustyP

    Hello from Indiana!

    Westside. I jump down at Jerry's Skydiving Circus. Check us out. .
  4. DustyP

    Hello from Indiana!

    Where you at? I'm in Indy! .
  5. DustyP

    You guys know about Plasti dip?

    that shouldn't be a problem .
  6. Don't know the exactly how it works at ifly chicago, but here in Orlando at iFly you typically go in on a block of time which is then split. For example, I typically do a 15 or 30 minute block for two people or an hour for 3 to 4. You rotate in predetermined increments (we usually do 2 1/2 minutes). You fly all your time at once - meaning you can't do 30 minutes then take time off and do another 30 - you'd have to buy 2x 30 min blocks to do that which is more expensive. You'll always have a "door guy" who can give basic coaching, but is not required to do so - he's there to keep you from hurting yourself first and foremost. We usually hire a coach which is useful if you are learning new skills (back flying, RW, layouts, sitfly, head down, etc.). Finally, sometimes if you buy less than 30 minutes (e.g. 15 mins) you'll be integrated into another group... usually wuffos / first timers... Orlando ifly works on a 30 min block schedule. So when I go in solo for 15, I'm almost always flying with novices who do 1 min rotations. I kind of like it because I get a little more "down time" between flights... Doing 2 1/2 with 2 1/2 off back and forth for an hour (that's 12 times) can get absolutely exhausting, especially when you are sit flying or doing more advanced stuff. Coaching prices vary, as do tunnel prices (e.g. if you have coaching, they can usually get a slightly cheaper per block price). Check the ifly site to see what the going rate is for Chicago. What kind of money are we talking about? (How much) .
  7. DustyP

    You guys know about Plasti dip?

    I dipped my 09 Daytona rims matte black. (sold it, bought a truck) .
  8. I've been considering this as well (I've never been in a tunnel). How does the pricing work? I'm interested. .
  9. DustyP

    You guys know about Plasti dip?

    The next layer is applied right on top of the privious layer without any sanding. You could use two colors, but you would have to stencil it out, spray it, and pull the tape before it dries. Its basically rubber paint. The activator reactivates the privious layer, and every layer is bonded to the next. If you're just doing 1 soild color; its pretty easy to get good results. I've seen some other projects where someone used the white plastidip and the airbrushed crazy ass graphics over it.
  10. DustyP

    You guys know about Plasti dip?

    I had some black left over from another project, and the thicker you apply it the smoother the finish. I used an out 1/2 can black, 1 full can orange, about $15 total. .
  11. DustyP

    You guys know about Plasti dip?

    Plasti dip sprays on like a rattle can spray paint and peels off like a sticker. I ended up dipping my Cookie MVX in Plasti dip “Blaze Orange”. It switches it up some and I’m happy with the results. You can get it at any Ace Hardware, Lowes or Home Depot. They have a shit load of different colors and you can get custom colors on-line. First I spray 3 base coats in matte black, then 3 coats of the blaze orange. If you don't apply it thick enough it's a pain in the ass when you peel it off. Check it out! .
  12. DustyP


    I have about 150 jumps on the canopy, it's worked everytime. Fun to fly, great beginner canopy. I would buy another one.
  13. Trading has been around since the beginning of man. FACT! .
  14. DustyP

    Help me get to space

    ha, i can follow direction tho. go vote. .
  15. DustyP

    Help me get to space

    Look, Im trying to go to Space, the final frontier. Please click the link and vote for me. Alright, Cool. https://www2.axeapollo.com/en_US/25807/dusty-potter?image=0 .