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Using what was learned from the design of the PD 9-cell, Performance Designs released a 7-cell version. Constructed entirely of traditional low porosity fabric. Designed for skydivers looking for a canopy with traditional 7-cell characteristics, the PD 7-cell was a great choice for those interested in casual accuracy, demos, and CReW during its time.


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gentle openings, easy to fly, stable and predictable
weak flare

I just bought a used 235 (with 350 jumps on it) and jumped it 4 times this weekend. Compared to some other canopies I've used, this canopy opens nice and slow (soft) even without rolling the nose. It flies well and is easy to control. The only complaint is the flare...I adjusted flare height on all 4 jumps and I still wound up having harder landings than I did with my 9-cell 220. If you're looking for a soft and reliable opening with predictable maneuvering, this canopy is for you.

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Flew well, stable in turbulence
Some hard openings

A PD 218 7 Cell was one of my first canopies. I am 5'10", 180lbs with a total weight of about 200lbs. The canopy flew very well and felt very stable, especially when gusts of wind came up. Got spanked by this chute more than other F-111s. I found that by really rolling the nose, you can eliminate the spankings, but ROLL it. It has decent flare on landings, I felt better than several Falcons of the same size I have flown. All in all, it was not a bad first chute. You can usually find a good used one at a reasonable price too!

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I have been jumping the performance designs 253 for a first jump canopy and it has been fair. I like the turns. It is a student canopy but it can turn well ,however i have found that it does not like the pro pack method,it will open fairly hard on this type of packing. The openings on side pack are great not slow but gentle and on heading !!!another thing is not much glide to it without using brakes a little , but for what it is i would rate it a 7 on a 10 scale.

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