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    Tri 160
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    Skydive California City, Ca.
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  1. As of the time of this writing, I have about 60 jumps. (my weight with gear is 195 lbs)I started out with a Sabre 190 which I love and still jump. My main chute now is a Tri 175. The Turbo ZX 185 is in my back-up rig. This thing is fast for a chute as big as it is. It is much faster than my Tri 175. My first landing was a bit of a shocker. The toggles are very responsive. The turns are great at altitude. Coming in on a straight in approach, you have to have a light touch or you will be all over the place. The flair is okay but nothing to write home about. I do a normal pro-pack and have no problems with openings. In general, I like the chute. Still prefer the Tri though.
  2. I think you owe BEER! My wife and I just kissed for the first time on a skydive last weekend. It was a sneak attack on my part and was a hell of a lot of fun. There will be more of the stuff in the future for sure! ooohhhno
  3. My wife and I always dive together....On the way up, I am always thinking of a new ways to molest her on the way down...hee hee hee. She loves it! ooohhhno
  4. Long Island Ice Tea ooohhhno
  5. A PD 218 7 Cell was one of my first canopies. I am 5'10", 180lbs with a total weight of about 200lbs. The canopy flew very well and felt very stable, especially when gusts of wind came up. Got spanked by this chute more than other F-111s. I found that by really rolling the nose, you can eliminate the spankings, but ROLL it. It has decent flare on landings, I felt better than several Falcons of the same size I have flown. All in all, it was not a bad first chute. You can usually find a good used one at a reasonable price too!
  6. California City - April 1987 - Static-line That same year a good friend also did her first jump at Cal City. 14 years later she tells me she is in an AFF course in Holister, California. Couldn't let her get away with that, so I started my lessons in Taft, Calif. 1 year later (a few months ago) we got married and now do two-ways together, ah, we also jump together.... Damn, I love that girl! ooohhhno
  7. Nah, they are whuffos you have all scared off. You are such bad boys and girls! hee hee hee ooohhhno :-)
  8. Cool site Alan. Thanks for letting us know about it.
  9. ooohhhno


    Keep reading all the treads on, you can learn a lot. Check out the classifieds and the forums on gear. Next thing you know, you will know more than you thought possible. My first rig, a 94 Javelin with a 96 Sabre 190 and and a 97 Cypres cost me $2,100 + $100 to have it totally inspected. It can be done. Good luck, ooohhhno :-)
  10. ooohhhno


    First jump, age 35. Second jump, age 48...geez, what took me so damn long (what a waste of 13 years!). 49 now.
  11. Normal altitude for our King Air to dump us at is 14,000, what a blast. Snuck onto a high altitude flight once heading for 22,000 w/ O2 but they found out several of us were newbies so they dumped us at 15,000...weeeeeeee...better than nothin'! ooohhhno :-)