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The NINJA canopy has been designed using cross-ribbed technology developped by Flying Plant in Para-gliding. The NINJA, however, has an extremely rigid cell system increasing the air-lift and reducing air-drag. This produces an extremely tuned flying instrument.


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I tested the new canopie Ninja 94 of Parachute of France and my personal opinion is the following:
Technical elements on the canopie (that I measured).

The canopie is a tricel 7 cel, with real AR of 2.90 to 3, it is the maximum that I know in HP canopies. Has 94 Sq feet in fact, which not always it happens with some other makers that don't inform the true area.
With relationship to the construction, the canopie is different from everything that I know in tricels canopies. The crossed panels (ribs) are sewn close the connections of the lines (A,B,C,D) and sewn along whole the cord of the top skin at 1/4 of the cell without any other one vertical rib for besides the normal rib to the center of the cell.
The platform of the wing is slightly tapered, seems almost square, has little elliptic curvature but this seems symmetrical among the leading edge and trailing edge.
I didn't already like only the great volume of the canopy, which and normal for this construction type, and a certain difficulty in the packing, for the same reason.
In flight:
Load for 1.85
Packing: Standard Propack
Aligned Opennings but with excessive snack force (almost a kick in the behind). A lot of snivel.
Canopie non twist.
Slope down or Gliding Ratio very flat.
Hard front risers pressure.
Very short recovery arch, swoop difficult.
Flare easy to control
Qualities: opennings and aligned flight, non twist, good flare, good rigidity and stability in flight.
Defects: Excessive snack forces and snivel, short recovery arch, heavy front risers, pack volume, pack job.
My experience: 1800 jumps
Personal canopie Cobalt 85 load 2.2
Experience other HP canopies: Cobalt85, Alpha 94, Contrail 95, 105, 120, 135, Nitro 88, Stilleto 120,135,150, BT 40, BT50, BT For 120, Viper 105, Jedei 105. Heat Wave 135, 170, Nova 110 etc...

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