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Soft openings, fantastic glide, sweeping turns, loads of fun
A little slow digging out of a steep turn

The PISA Hornet is a semi-elliptical 9 cell main canopy that was produced by Parachute Industries of Southern Africa.

I've put about 100 jumps on my Hornet 190 (1.2WL)and overall I love this canopy! I've also put 50jumps on a Pilot 188 and from the get go I found that the Hornet and the Pilot flew very similarly as the Hornet was the predecessor of the Pilot.

From the snivel openings, to the long glide (great from a long spot) the Hornet shares many of it's characteristics with it's younger brother, it even has the colored packing tabs on the line groups like the pilot.

There are a few things that the Hornet does lack in comparison. The hornet seems to give long sweeping turns which loses a decent amount of height from firm toggle turns. The hornet also takes a little longer to level out (without riser input) than the pilot. But as long as you don't take a low hook turn I can't see this being an issue.

In summary, the Hornet is a fantastic beginners/intermediate canopy that will get you out of a long spot but also have some fun with. Highly recommended

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All of it

I've got a Pisa Heat Wave 150^2 Semi Elipitical. It's the coolest canopy I've ever flown besides my X-Fire(s)

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