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The SWOOP SUIT is our all around model. The body length comes fairly snug, and has a piece of spandex down the middle of the back to allow a snug torso length while still allowing you to touch your toes. There is enough room for extra clothes in the winter. The arms can be made of spandex, cot'en felt or polycotton. The legs are made of cot'en felt or polycotton. They are loose and will be adjusted to fit the jumpers height, weight and fall rate requirements. The front can be made in nylon, cot'en felt, or polycotton. Nylon front gives the fastest fall rate, then the cot'en felt, and the polycotton gives the slowest fall rate of the three.


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Good fit, quality materials, well built.
Somewhat expensive

I have had this suit for a little over 200 jumps and so far I have been impressed with its performance. The construction is top notch. The color fastness of the fabric is good. I have put it through a few washes and no real fading or bleeding of colors, (my suit is white, navy, and yellow). The booties could be more secure as they can come off while launching from the crotch in a Cessna. If you don't jump out of those then no worries. Good suit!

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Quality built suit, fit and finish excellent

I ordered a Tony Suit Swoop suit without booties, it arrived 5 weeks later and I've been happy with it ever since. Being tall (6'5"), I didn't really have anyone else's suit I could try before I buy, so I talked to the Tony suit people and other people around the dropzone and decided on this one. I have no complaints, other than I wish I would have ordered it with a little more room.

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Fit, warranty, overall satisfaction

Overall, I found the swoop suit to be a good suit, Tony has made suits for most of the skydiving community and knows what he is doing. Whats best is that if you don't like the way it fits, they will fix it to your liking at no extra cost. That's what makes them #1, their warranty is like no other.

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Color selection, fabric
COST and the booties are gathered instead of flat seamed together

Good-day all,
I ordered a Tony suit straight off student status not knowing any better. Of course I had to "express" order the suit for $50 extra, and it still took over a month to receive the suit. The biggest problem with the suit -- again, other than the cost, is the leather on the bottom of the booties are gathered and sewn instead of a flat seam that Bev suits does on theirs. Hope this helps.
:-) Lisa

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