Freefly Suit and Tiefly Suit

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The main difference between these two freefly suits is that "The Freefly Suit" is typically a multi paneled suit of different colors and fabrics usually polycotton and is suited to the mid weight skydiver. "The Tiefly" suit is a lightweight "cotn' felt" body with usually a cotton arm and leg. this heavy cotton has good drag characteristics with a heavier (Harley-Davidson) type of beat about it and lends its self to tie-die and marbling perfectly. It also comes in many solid colors such as navy, royal, black, white, green, gold, orange, and red. This arrangement of a light body with heavy cotton limbs is our most comfortable slow falling suit, on hot days particularly.


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Dont know of any
Three months to fix their screw up

So I ordered a Tony suit in December. Pay for the rush and only had one color, black. Ordered the tunnel option, both me and the company I ordered it through thinking the zp would be meshed between the fabric like all ouragon. Get the suit and zp is on the outside. Send it back in February for a rebuild. Here it is the 10th of April and it still is not done. Was told it was due out on the 5th and find out today that it has just been cut and should be ready "any day now". When paying the kind of money that this suit costs I would expect it to be done faster. would not recommend this company to anyone. Go with someone who can actually do what they say and get it done in a timely manner. I understand maybe a month, two at the most extreme but three months this is ridiculous.

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Great service, Great fit
None so far

I just picked up my first suit from Tony and the service was great. I called several times to check on colors and options and got a courtious response to all my questions. I didn't order a standard suit, I sent in drawings of what I wanted and they even called me back to make sure they were getting it right. Best of all this is the first suit or any piece of custom skydiving gear that was ready on the day they quoted. The suit fits perfect and is exactly what I asked for, I highly recommend Tony suits for anyone looking for a new suit.

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