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We offer the CAMERA SUIT with four different types of wings. It is very important that the correct wing type is chosen. TYPE A is a FASTEN WING for pull-out, ripcord, or bottom of container throw-away. TYPE B is a WINGLET for leg strap or belly band throw-away and meets the suit above the lateral band of your rig. The "C"-wing is for flat flying and sit flying. It goes up on the arm like a sit wing and down to the leg strap like an "A" wing. If you want a sit wing on the back of the arm refer to the SIT SPECIAL order form. The front can be either nylon, cot'en felt, or polycotton. The sides can be cot'en felt or polycotton. The front of the wings are made of nylon for lift and the back can be either cot'en felt or polycotton.


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Great in any orientation
Slightly fiddly

I had the sit suit with the c wing option and I eventually cut the small zp sit wing off the back of the arm. I usually wear free fly trousers over the suit (I jump in England - its cold!)

I really like to sit fly in this suit - it goes very quiet when doing this!! My exit weight is 230lbs and I have no problems except for very light tandems for which I go flat.

I actually thread the rsl clip through my hip rings and then hook them onto the leg strap hardware. The wing is then rock solid and it makes it impossible to pull your pc through the gap because there is no gap! When i just wrapped the clip around the leg strap the wing would collapse as I laid further back. The only problem with this is that it can be slightly fiddly to undo the clips under canopy.

Apparently the suit no longer comes with the rsl clip as standard but it can be ordered as an extra.

The build quality is as you would expect from Tony. I've done about 1000 jumps with this suit with only some minor repairs.

My next camera suit will probably be another Tony suit but the regular suit with a c wing (and obviously no booties.) I won't need another one for a while though because there is a lot of life left in the one I've already got!!

Hope you find this useful.

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Body of suit constructed extremely well
Wings of suit not -quite- what I was expecting.

I guess I can be blamed for not doing quite enough research into how the different types of wings are constructed and exactly where they attach, but then again Tony Suit doesn't exactly make it easy. By easy, I mean they -could- have several photos on their web site that show how the wings are constructed and what to expect. Their jumpsuit designer program doesn't offer much help either. And while I'm on the subject of photos, they could throw in a few about the different bootie styles as well. Six styles of booties -- no descriptions or photos.

I wanted a wing that would enable me to fly 4-way RW and let me be a little creative from time to time in a sit and on my back -- so I ordered a "C" wing.

The wingtip attachment point (the farthest out on the arm that the wing goes) was located about 1/3 of the way from by elbow to wrist and the trailing edge ended just below the lateral band of my container with another 6 inches or so of tape running to an RSL connector.

In my view, the wing -could- have ran all the way to the wrist and all the way down to the RSL connector giving -substantially- more wing area. Additionally, the wings were not constructed of zero-p material as I thought they would have been.

Also, and I guess this is a minor nitpick on my part, I hated the way the wing tension loops came from Tony. They come as a sort of slip knot and instead of transfering tension to the wing, they just seem to get tighter on your hand (or in my case thumb).

I had a local seamstress, Shirley Pelland, remove the wings and construct new ones to my specifications.

Additionally, I had Shirley install a stirrup to go under the feet to hold the booties in place. I hate it when booty toes slide off. I don't really blame Tony for this because this seems to be "standard" on booties everywhere, but a stirrup really does help them from slipping around and it also helps if you want to backfly and not have the booties flapping off.

So, anyway, when it comes to the jumpsuits, Tony does a great job of construction, but do a lot of research in exactly what type of wing you'll be getting. In any case, you'll probably want to have some minor (if not major) adjustments made.

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