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The Sidewinder harness/container is a very comfortable system, designed to last you for years and thousands of jumps. Each Sidewinder is custom made for you and your canopies. Supplied with container are: main risers and toggles, ripcord and cutaway handles, main and reserve pilot chutes/bridles/deployment bags and owner's manual. We received an FAA TSO (C23c Cat B), in Dec 1992. This guarantees the performance standard and continued quality control you need in a harness/container system.


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Canadian product, great customer service, very comfortable rig

I had my Sidewinder custom made for me, and you can tell the level of attention to detail put into the manufacturing. Al actually made a whole new template for my rig due to the fact I have a long torso. This rig fits me very well, and I barely even know it's on under canopy. I don't do much FreeFlying yet, but I do know another guy who free flys with his Sidewinder with no issues. It's easy to pack and very durable.

Customer service is top notch as well, Al is very friendly and easy to get a hold of if yo have any questions or concerns.

I highly recommend this for a beginner rig, or if you just want something very comfortable.

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Good price, well made, great customer support
People who have borrowed my gear say the container is too long.

I have almost 800 jumps on this Sidewinder (2nd one I've owned), and it looks new. I really like that the flaps and riser covers never come open in freefall, and the comfort of the articulated harness. Our dz student gear are all Sidewinders; you cannot beat this container for it's durable construction.

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Sidewinders impress me with their comfort, ease of packing, durability and dollar value. "With the hip rings, my new Sidewinder is as comfortable as my old Racer," said long-time Racer fanatic Ian Flanagan. (Note: Racer fanatics are legendary in their quest for comfort.) Sidewinders seem to fit best on medium and tall people.

Packing a main canopy into a Sidewinder is straight-forward, and the reserves are a little easier to pack than most of the other Vector clones. The molar bag helps, but Al MacDonald is more graceful at designing reserve flaps that fit perfectly. This year I have packed about 50 Sidewinder reserves ranging in size from the smallest of personal rigs to Student Sidewinders containing Tempo 250 reserves. My only disagreement with the Sidewinder design is the Velcro on the lower corners of the reserve container. Intially I cursed the Velcro, then I cheated with clamps and now I am learning to close them free-hand.

Durability is the Sidewinder's strong point. Flying High as always built student rigs so durable that they go out of fashion before they wear out. Pacific Skydivers previously used Student Bullet containers (also made by Flying High) that lasted and lasted and lasted. When the school decided to convert to square reserves for students, the Student Bullets were sold to smaller DZs where they are still serving students.
Despite the usaul abuse dished out by students, I have not had to do any major repairs on the dozen Student Sidewinders used at Pitt Meadows.

Flying High keeps up with the times with regular updates including: riser cover tuck tabs, hip rings (okay "articulation" if you want the big word), Cypres window in backpad and tuck in reserve pin protector flap.
Dollar value, well Sidewinders provide the best dollar value for Candaian skydivers. While some foreign-made rigs may have stightly better technical features or slightly better fit, I have a tough time recommending anything but Sidewinders to junior jumpers because they can buy a Sidewinder for about 40% less than other rigs and jump it before the end of the season. Sidewinders, comfortable, easy to pack, tough and the best bang-for-the-buck! What more could a skydiver ask for?

Rob Warner
FAA Master Parachute Rigger
P.S. Al MacDonald does not know that I am posting this review.

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