Andrey Veselov 

Andrey Veselov started skydiving in Russian Airborne Army in 1983. Almost at the same time he began to take air photos (though at the time he could only use his camera under the landing canopy). After two years in Army, he continued jumping at Moscow Aeroclub and shortly after was invited to the Russian National Formation Skydiving Team as a ground video man. However, his dream was to do free fall skydiving photography.

He made an anatomical helmet, mounted his favorite camera (Kiev-19) on it, and started taking photos of 4-way and 8-way teams. Then the dream came true and Andrey became a professional cinematographer and photographer, Camera Crew Captain of the World Team led by BJ Worth.

Now Andrey has 13,000+ jumps, with thousands of freefall pictures that were taken over the North Pole, Kamchatka, Siberia, Karelia, Samara, Moscow, and Saint-Petersburg. He shot pictures of the Boogie in Russia, Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Micronesia, Indonesia, Bali, South and North Americas.

He has captured World Team record photos in Russia and Thailand, worked on World and European Formation Championships with National Teams, Kaleidoscope Dives in Florida, multi Sequential World and European big way records in Russia, Spain, USA, etc.

Every year he participates as a Captain and a Camera Team member in various international big-way events.


1997: Winner of the INTERPHOTO contests of professional photography: "Best Photography of the Year / Grand Prix" and 1st place "Sport-singles and series".

2001: Winner / 1st place of the Canon Photo Contest.


Tandem Master instructor and examiner of Paraavis and Zvezda (Russia), Relative Workshop, Jump Shack, Strong Enterprises.

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