Ralph Turner 

My name is Ralph Turner and I started skydiving a little over two and half years ago at Skydive Miami, in Florida. It was a dream of mine since I was in my early teens to become a skydiver. I am 40 years old right now, so that means I waited a pretty long time to make my dream come true. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start skydiving sooner. I absolutely love this sport more and more each day.

After started skydiving in Miami back in February 2011 and then moved over to Honolulu Hawaii about five months later. I got into the photography side of skydiving because I bought nice camera to take photos around the island and I liked taking photos so much that I couldn’t wait until I had enough jumps to get a camera mounted on my helmet. I was always into graphic design and love working with Photoshop so this past hobby has helped out tremendously with the shots I have taken so far.

Because I am a new skydiver all the photos that I have taken were mainly with a GoPro2 shooting at 11MP because mounting a real nice camera to my helmet was not in my budget at the time. Because the GoPro can only take 11MP pictures, I had to rely on my Photoshop skills to touch the photos up to make them look the way I wanted. I have recently bought a new TonFly CC1 Helmet to mount my new Nikon Camera, now I have been able to take photos with a more professional camera. I am by no means a professional photographer; I am just a skydiver with a very deep passion for the sport and love working with photos in Photoshop.

I know that some people probably do not like using Photoshop on their photos, but I really do enjoy it. I really like making my photos look as if they are HDR because I really feel that it makes the photo pop a lot more. I feel it looks fantastic but I understand it is not for everyone. I just hope that there will be some people that appreciate them. I have been fortunate enough to have one of my photos make a whole page in Parachutist last month. I am also very thankful that two of my photos have made GoPro photo of the day, with one of the photos being the most liked photo ever on their Facebook web page, it has reach over 81,000 likes.

I have seen a lot of great skydiving photos by some real photographers out there in the sport and they are my inspiration. I hope one day I can have the skills of a professional photographer in this sport. I have no photos of any huge big ways or any extremely talented large groups of skydivers because I am so new to the sport. So I take whatever photos I can of the friends I have met along the way through my journey into skydiving. I hope you enjoy some of my pictures.