Steve Utter 

32 Year old Steve Utter (a.k.a Steve-O) used to be a commercial diver building oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. He took up skydiving because I left Hawaii to work in the Gulf of Mexico and found that there was no surfing to be had. Steve-O has been skydiving for 4 years, has done 2700+ jumps, 2300+ freefly jumps (2100 with camera), 100+ skysurfing jumps, and another random 200 here and there.

Steve-O is an instructor Olav Zipser's First School of Modern Skyflying. He is also the Associate Producer and Editor for New Tribe Entertainment for whom he created and filmed the movie The Cloud's Edge. He is the First School of Modern Skyflying and Skydive America's advertising photographer and videographer and is an active competitor in the Space Games.

    Steve-O holds Atmosphere Dolphin Licenses A-74, B-9 and C-3. He was on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd declared and undeclared freefly world records. Competition credits include:
  • Ranked 4th overall in the Space Games Competitions Indy 500 and AD Challenge
  • Space Games #7 2nd place, 3 way team event
  • Space Games #9 3rd place, AD Challenge

Steve-O says his future goals are to keep pushing the bounds of human flight and the art of being a videographer and a photographer. He also strives to be on the 1st 20 way freefly world record attempt and achieve it. We have no doubt that he'll achieve these goals, as amazing skills as a freeflyer and photographer are all too evident from his four great galleries.