Josh Hill 

Josh Hill began skydiving in 1997 at Skydive Arizona, and from the very beginning he recognized the power and beauty of the images captured in freefall. Over the following year Josh developed his skills in freefall, and under canopy, and at about jump #400 put together his first camera helmet.

"It is important for the aspiring videographer to develop their skydiving skills before adding a camera to the mix, it adds a lot of variables, variables that you don't have time to think about when something goes wrong. Reactions must be intuitive. There's no rush. If you do it right, you will have a long skydiving career."

Josh also feels it is important to have appropriate mentorship from experienced videographers. "If you want to be camera flyer, not just a guy/gal flying around with a camera, than you need to learn from those around you." It's also important, at least to Josh, to have goals, something to work towards, "it drives Kaizen, or constant improvement."

For a time, Josh worked as a tandem videographer, and did some team stuff. But for the last two years, he has moved towards more creative endeavors. "The money (what little there is) is in the student stuff, but the fun, and the best pictures are in everything else."

Josh has been published several times over the last two years including the cover of Skydiving. In Parachutist, Josh has been seen in the centerfold, two photo finishes. Most recently, Josh's photos have appeared in the USPA 2004 calendar.

Other accomplishments include two top ten photos in the 2002 photography contest, a US Nationals bronze medal in intermediate 4-way (2001), and is qualified to participate in the Pro Swooping Tour (although that has take a back seat to photography for the moment). He has also been a photographer on two state records, Texas (125-way), and Mississippi (41-way).

Josh's day job is as a corporate real estate manager, which, "Pays the bills so I can enjoy my weekends, that including, but are not limited to skydiving."