Mark Lichtle 

Mark started skydiving in 1991 after a he and a friend dared each other to take the 12,000-foot plunge. Now, ten years later he's still taking the plunge. In 1994, after 14 years in the corporate world as a mortgage broker, Mark realized it was time for a change. He determined that with a little drive and imagination that you could make good money by shooting skydiving and BASE jumping scenes for television, so he left the past behind.

Skydiving and BASE jumping are now his living. Mark does whatever it takes to get the job done. His past projects include commercials, TV specials and stunt work. He's also a BASE expedition organizer and professional demonstration/promotions specialist. His credits include numerous airings on Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, Real TV and a host of other international shows. His work has been published in Time magazine, Parachutist and he has multiple Skydiving Magazine cover shots.

Mark made his first BASE jump off El Capitan in 1993. He distinctly remembers saying that he only wanted to BASE jump once. Two hundred BASE jumps later and Mark is now leading expeditions around the world in order to gather stock footage. His favorite jumps include a 1,400-foot subterranean cave in Mexico and riding a bike as part of a BASE jump off a 3,000 foot cliff in Norway.

Recently Mark has been experimenting with BASE jumps while wearing a special wing suit. He says that the slow falling, fast moving suit opens a whole range of BASE sights that before were very limited. It is now possible to reach free fall times of up to one minute while wearing the suit during a BASE jump.

Mark says his biggest thrill is to see the dazed, glassy-eyed look in people's faces when they've become hooked on BASE jumping or skydiving.

To explore the boundaries of human flight is to find true adventure.