IPC Working Group: Parameters of a Record

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Hi all,
The following was posted on the sticky/locked thread for the IPC Working Group, and on the IPC discussion forum. I thought I'd re-post it here for discussion and questions. Please share your well thought out proposals and comments on the IPC site (link below) for the voting members of the Working Group to consider. Thanks, -Taya

Objective 2 of the FAI IPC Terms of Reference for the Wingsuit Working Group is:

b) To investigate ways to define and judge no-contact wingsuit large formation records.

The Working Group would like input from the Wingsuit Community as to what they think the basic parameters for large no contact big formations are?

The Wingsuit Working Group came up with the following parameters as a starting point:

1. Two dimensional
Formation designs will be two-dimensional for this record category. How can/should we limit vertical deviation, and should we require evidence of flatness for judging (i.e. a side camera angle)?

2. Slot Definition
A slot is a target in the air for each flyer in the formation (some examples: a single point on the head, a shape such as a circle, box, or any other shape around the entire body). How should the rules define slot?

3. Margin of Error
Margin of error is a standard for how far a flyer is allowed to deviate from his/her slot (however defined) to still be considered “in” the formation. How should the rules define Margin of Error?

4. Flight Angle
Based on the slot position, Flight Angle is the angle at which the flyer is located relative to the next flyer. To which degree, if at all, will we limit the relative angles at which slots within a formation can be flown?

5. Short Range and Long Range Order
Depending on the method used, flyers can be judged on their relative position on an individual basis (short range order), or the formation can be judged as a whole by its shape and form (long range order), or both. How should the rules address this?

6. Glide Ratio/Flight Performance
Should there be a minimum required glide ratio or overall flight performance of the formation?
How would that be measured?

Let the discussions begin!!!!!

To comment, please go to the following link and engage in discussion on the IPC forum, which is moderated and monitored by the voting members of the IPC Wingsuit Working Group:

It's the Year of the Dragon.

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