Best risers for swooping

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I have a Wings container with standard 21" risers. I have been learning to do HP landings on a Sabre 2 150 after taking Brian Vachers course in Spain. Also whilst working through my CP1 back in the UK under guidence from BPA CP coaches. (Now that bits out the way.......)
On landing after the canopy deflates I have noticed that my risers seem to end up kinked and twisted. Seems to be 'cos they are stretching more on one side of the individual riser than the other. They straighten out OK to pack though.
Also the set up on a Wings riser also means that constantly stowing the excess brake line away is causing premature wear on that part of the line.
I really like the Wings front riser loops but I am beginning to think about getting new risers due to these other problems. Am I being picky regarding the kinks/twisted risers on landing? Is it normal?
If I do go to a new set of risers, which ones are all the big boys using to swoop? I would prefer FR loops. I see that RWS do a Tru-lock version and also Velocity risers come highly recommended.
Any feedback on the problems noticed and on getting new risers would be appreciated. Thanks.

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The best risers you can buy are the ones that you like best :P

Seems kinda silly but in terms of function all risers are almost identical, it's just a bit of webbing to connect your lines to your harness.

The things that make them different are:

The length, 20"-24" is the kinda normal range.

The Toggles, easy grip, line stowing etc.

The front riser appendages, blocks, loops easy grip loops etc.

I decided a couple of months ago that there was nothing on the market that actually did exactly what I wanted so I ordered some custom risers from point zero in the UK.

24" with no fancy toggles and a clean set of dive blocks on the front risers.

And to top it off they were only £90 including shipping, took abut 3 weeks. Sunpath is ~£120 all in and takes almost 2 months to deliver custom risers. Most manufacturers are similar.

I would definitely have a look at custom risers, give point zero a call and see what they'll do for you.


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