Have you tried the 16.5 ft tunnel in Moscow (Freezone)?

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Hey there,

My 4-way RW-team and I are planing the next season ahead of us and in our "research" we found a "cheap"-tunnel (apx. 650 USD/hour) in Moscow, Freezone, which is also a bit larger than Bodyflight Bedford's tunnel. (0,5 ft larger).
However we are hearing very various responses and feedbacks about the tunnel.
Therefore I would like to ask if any of you have tried to fly in the 16.5 ft Freezone tunnel?
How is the airflow? Staff? Accommodation and getting past the Russian border control?

Any information will help us!

Thanks in advance!;):)

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It's the same SkyVenure design as their 16ft tunnels in USA.
Good tunnel, good staff.
May be a little hot in a hot day, ISG systems handle high temperature better than SkyVenture.

I'm no good in RW so no personal experience here, but Moscow had a world-champion class RW coaches. BTW Freezone is a home tunnel of new world freefly champions and my good friends Misha and Sasha aka TunnelRats :)

Ask them for accomodation. They have a bunkhouse right next to the tunnel and good (by Russian standards) hotel in Chekkov town.

I would like to advertise my home tunnel FlyStation in Saint-Petersburg :), but honestly Freezone is better for 4-way RW.

Hook up with Elizaveta, she will help you out.

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