Where to do your fisrt jump in flordia?

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I would like to do my first jump in skydiving, i mean, tandem jump.
I would like to knoz about your opinion the best place to do it,
I am looking for the best scenery around, is Key West the most beautiful?
I will be in key west for 2 days and 3 weeks arounf Fort Lauderdale jsut after.

Thank you a lot for your help.


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You won't get a lot of opinions about Key West because they don't allow fun jumpers like us there (last I heard anyway). I think they have a smaller, Cessna plane that won't go as high as a plane at Sebastian. Also, from looking at the websites, it looks like Key West will cost you $70 more.

I've jumped in Sebastian and I can vouch that it's a beautiful view and you will still fly over the ocean. It's a real dropzone and you'll be able to watch other people land and they also have a restaurant/bar where you can get a beverage afterwards. I think you would enjoy your visit there.
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