Which Camera and Which Mount?

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I'm looking to attach a camera to my helmet, but with all the options out there I am having a hard time deciding what would be the best option for me. I seek expertise and will provide my parameters and initial thoughts.

1. I'm a fun jumper with just shy of 200 jumps (plan to take the C license exam and attach the camera in a couple of weeks after getting the required 200 jumps).
2. The camera will be used primarily for fun jumps, but will also be used for the occasional coach jump debrief as well (I'm also not necessarily planning on filming tandems, but not necessarily opposed to the idea either).
3. I have seen some setups that I thought posed quite the snag hazard, and I would want to minimize that potential as much as possible.
4. I have a KISS helmet that I would like to be able to lift the visor up (doesn't necessarily have to be the whole way) after installing the camera.

Initial Thoughts:
1. I like the form factor of the GoPro Session cameras, but with GoPro discontinuing them, I'm not really sure I want to buy into (and get used to) a dead form factor.
2. If going with the regular size GoPro, I like the idea of a cutaway mount (like https://www.collettetech.com/online-store/Kiss-ProCut2-Single-Mount-Hero5-Hero6-Hero3-Hero4-Slim-Line-p98770954), but it looks like it adds quite a bit of height which seems like a bad idea (getting bumped and such).

A videographer at my DZ said that he thought the Session was the best fit for a fun jumper, and it seems like throwing $200 at a Session and a low profile sticky mount and seeing how I like shooting video (and how bad I suck at it) would be a good place to start, but again, I'm concerned with the discontinuation of the line, and also somewhat turned off by the soldered in battery. The regular size GoPros without a block mount seem like they are pretty susceptible to snags, so I would want a snag resistant mount which would add more cost on top of the extra cost of the camera. And, if going full size GoPro, should I go 5 or 6? And then there is the Sony X3000.

Ideas? Thoughts? Recommendations?


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