RIP Jack Tillman

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Excerpts from that page:

Jack E. Tillman, 86, of Pekin, IL passed away at 9:20 AM Tuesday, January 05, 2016 at Timbercreek Rehab Center.

Jack was born on June 11, 1928 in Dillon Township, Tazewell County.

Jack was a veteran of the United States Air force serving in the11th Airborne Division. He worked at Caterpillar retiring in 1990.

Jack’s passion was parachuting. He was a master rigger and held a professional exhibition rating for his demonstrations. He was a founding member of the Illinois Valley Parachute Club where he parachuted and flew planes.

He was also a member of the Liberty Parachute Team, a professional parachute demonstration team with a patriotic flavor. He was a member of Parachutists Over Forty Society and Skydivers Over Sixty.

Note: The Illinois Valley Parachute Club jumps at Tillman Field in Minier, IL.

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Blue Skies Jumping Jack Flash - Rest in Peace old friend.

~ I've known Jack since two weeks after I started in this sport. He was the 'go to' guy for top notch rigging in central Illinois.

I'd often stop by his place driving between home and college, to get a repack or patches sewn in my Papillion.

Jack was old school cool & understood the challenges of being a jumper trying to get a degree...he never charged me and always fed me. "We'll square it away down the road, obviously you'll be in this sport quite a while."

Jack built much of the demo gear we used on the parachute team - some of that stuff is 30+ years old and still works and looks like it just came out of his loft.

He was hardcore...WWII Airborne combat jump star ~ got married wearing his corcoran jump boots.

Jack lived like he rigged and jumped - better than most.

See ya on the other side and thank you.

~ If you choke a Smurf, what color does it turn? ~

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