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as i read these posts, am reminded of my experiences in the parachute equipment manufacturing business.one place i worked at ,was making power ripcord assemblies for the old mk2000 sentinel.the pins and piston assemblies were all manufactured by wasley who at the time was pretty much the only game in town when it came to ripcord components.the ripcords were assembled and never tested to the faa specs because the manufacturer was supposed to do it(wasley),and so it was assumed to meet the spec.but obviusly the manufacturers DO NOT do the testing because if they did some of the crap that comes back to haunt us as users would not occur.
also i once rejected a whole batch of sst ripcords that wasley had made.it was right after tammy odonell s problem with ahomemade ripcord.everyone started lookin alittle closer at things.this entire bath of some 300 ripcords had been swaged using too much pressure(there were broken strands of cable sticking out of the ball swage on th cable side of the swage.)in addition the ball swages(about 80% of them) were cracked.these were ripcords that supposedly had been tested.

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