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    • 13 June 2019 12:00 AM Until 16 June 2019 12:00 AM
      The Coach Course is offered to those at 100+ jumps. Your not ready to Coach?!? That's ok! It is still the perfect time to get back into a class room and learn what you don't know, ask questions, be challenged and have a lot of fun doing it!! Learn about advanced body flight and how to use it in a coaching capacity! In a nutshell the goal of the Coach is to 1) Be There, 2) Observe, and 3) Report. The most challenging parts of this course is learning the relevant parts of the Skydiving Information Manual & Instructor Rating Manual and applying your newly developed skills in your Ground Evaluations. For the Air Evaluations, you should be able to stay within 20 feet proximity of your “student”. CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS: · Must be a current USPA member · At least 18 years of age · USPA B license or higher · Minimum of 100 jumps To register visit USPACourses.com
      Email Address Angie@USPACourses.com Website http://USPACourses.com
    • 14 June 2019 Until 16 June 2019
      Avenue Sainsard
      62730 Marck
      Phone : +33 615 02 17 10
      Email : resa@parachutisme-nord.com

      A lot of Hotels near DZ
      Email Address office@pink.at Website http://www.pinkskyvan.com
    • 14 June 2019 Until 16 June 2019
      Email Address office@pink.at Website http://www.pinkskyvan.com
    • 14 June 2019 Until 16 June 2019
      Were hosting a coach course on June 14th through 16th at Cleveland Skydiving Center. The cost is $225 a person. You will also be responsible for paying for the slots for you and your instructor on the jumps as well. Send us your $75 non refundable deposit to paypal at jump@clevelandskydivingcenter.com to reserve your seat. This will go towards the course fee of $225.

      What is the Coach Rating??
      The USPA Coach Rating may be earned by jumpers with at least 100 jumps and a USPA B license who have completed the Coach Certification Course. Coaches can teach the general sections of the first-jump course and train and supervise students for group skydiving skills. Coaches work under the supervision of instructors.

      100 jumps or more
      B License
      Coach Proficiency Card signed off
      Obtain a SIM and an IRM
      Have exam completed before arrival

      You will be required to pass 2 air evaluations with an instructor
      Show that you have the ability to teach categories F-H
      Teach two training sessions from the first jump course and get a satifactory score.

      From your instructor himself:
      You will need...

      1) IRM and SIM published within two years.
      2) Completed Proficiency Card.
      3) Completed written test.
      4) Logbook with 100 jumps, USPA B license and current membership card in your possession.
      There are no exceptions or excuses regarding the above requirements.
      If you accomplish these goals and have competent flying skills, you should have little difficulty completing the course. If weather prevents us from doing the jumps, you can do them at a later date anywhere.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at jump@clevelandskydivingcenter.com
      Email Address jump@clevelandskydivingcenter.com Website http://www.skydivecle.com
    • 14 June 2019 07:00 PM Until 16 June 2019 07:00 AM
      Skydive Vancouver Island is proud to support the FreeFall For MS Foundation and their focus on Multiple Sclerosis on Vancouver Island. We are working on the details of this awesome weekend event! Mark your calendars though as it will be a fundraising event you won't want to miss out on!
      Email Address info@skydivevancouverisland.com Website https://www.skydivevancouverisland.com/events-1/free-fall-for-ms
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