Pink Boogie Maubeuge, FRA



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Description of DZ :
Skydive Maubeuge is a large drop zone at the border between France and Belgium. With 3 warehouses, you have the place to pack. A workshop is also available for you main and reserve canopies.
The Boogie is a special event celebrating the 20 years of the french student club ASPU but of course it is one to everybody, young or old ! Lots of entertainments, also for children, are planned in order to have funnn jumps and greeeat time !

Contact :,, 33-3-27679831

Special info:
Load master RW and big ways : Amelie Tirman, Sophia Pecout, Charles Rommel, Mathieu Cannesson
Load master Fee-fly : Riton, Airflow
Load master Wingsuit : Fred Magnard

French regulation and french licence (if you have a licence in a foreign country, it costs only 10€).
Parachutes can be rent (280 to 150ft).

Accommodation (80 beds) in common or single rooms, showers, snacks. Possibilities to camp

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