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World's Largest Wind Tunnel to Open in the UK this Summer

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Bodyflight Bedford in the UK proudly presents its monster of a wind tunnel to the world this summer. The flight chamber measures a massive 16 feet (5 metres) across and over 26 feet (8 metres) in height. This superb feat of engineering will produce unrivalled air quality.

Bodyflight took over the ex-Ministry of Defence science facility which was built in the 1950s to test aeroplanes. In January renovation of the complex started and the wind tunnel is well on track to open, as planned, in August.

The unrivalled space and air quality, along with our newly recruited skilled staff, will not only give non-jumpers an incredible leisure day out, but will mean that skydivers who choose to train in Bedford can receive superb air, plenty of room and expert coaching. All skydive 4-way blocks and many 8-way blocks can easily be turned in the tunnel, whilst others will find the consistent and fast wind speed superb for free flying.

Bodyflight Bedford is located in a village near the county town of Bedfordshire, easily accessible by road, rail or aeroplane. The site is very close to Luton airport and is only a two hour journey by train from London airports. Bodyflight offers training rooms, lounge area, equipment shop, en-suite accommodation, bunk rooms, kit up area, top-of-the-range digital video systems, creeper areas, showers & changing rooms, large viewing area, lockers and snacks & drinks vending.

The price structure will be published shortly which includes discounts for groups, block booking, coaching in all skydiving disciplines and various lessons to suit all abilities. The Bodyflight membership scheme ensures that 'frequent flyers' are rewarded for their loyalty.

The new propeller and motor arrive in the next couple of weeks, testing will be throughout June and preview flights will be available in July. August will see the grand opening and party, with invitations going out shortly.

If you're in Europe this summer, come and try us out; you won't want to go home.

>Bodyflight UK Web Site



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