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Skyventure Wind Tunnel for Montreal

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14R1400. Sound like something out of a Swartzenegger movie? Its not exactly extraterrestrial, but as Simulators go, this one comes pretty close. Montreal businessman and investor, Alain Guerin, has embarked on a groundbreaking wind tunnel simulation project in Canada, involving a 1400-horsepower, energy efficient recirculing tunnel.
14R1400 is 14 ft in diameter, the first cylindrical flight chamber with four 350-horsepower fans.

The foundation for Skyventures' $6 million green wind tunnel, a below-ground 100 ft long plenum installation is to begin in September, followed by erecting the 70ft tall frame. The project is set for an April 2008 completion date.

56-year-old investor, Alain Guerin owns several businesses as well as an accounting firm and lectured as a professor at the University of Quebec. Unlike most Chartered Accountants, Alain has a penchant for adrenalin-based sports. In the infancy of his skydiving career he found hitches getting through his certification which lead to revolutionary ideas.

Alain says: "I needed a way to hone my skills in a safe, stress-free environment and every answer I found pointed to Skyventure."

The design is like 'freefall virtual reality', offering skills honing for skydivers on all levels of experience. Unlike previous designs, the wall-to-wall airflow reduces the danger of falling off the column of air.

Alain and his partner, Pierre Beaudoin have selected three locations in the greater Montreal are which will eventually be narrowed down. Skyventure Montreal will be constructed near a fully equipped shopping mall complex with movie theatres, restaurants etc.

"Our mission is to provide the Quebec market with the most advanced, efficient, safe, reliable, powerful and realistic skydiving simulator in the world. More specifically, to become the most sought after, fun, exhilarating experience for the local population, the tourism industry, corporate groups and skydiving enthusiasts." adds Guerin.



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