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Birdman Ninja Wingsuit Revealed

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Seven months ago, Birdman re-entered the world of gear manufacturing with a new website, new products and what was almost a completely new team. Birdman took a hiatus in 2010, when the company went through a change in ownership structure. Earlier this year their website was back up, boasting a new look and advertising some new products, which included the branching out into watches designed specifically for BASE jumpers and skydivers. They immediately released the names of three new wingsuits that would be in development: The blade III, the Ninja and the Samurai. For more details on the resurrection of Birdman, check out The Return of Birman which was published in March. When the site went live they had only given information on the Blade III, while both the Samurai and the Ninja were said to be 'coming soon'.

The Ninja has now been made available for purchase, along with information about the suit. The Ninja is selling at Birdman's online store for 149, 800 Yen, or $1527 US (at time of publishing). This is about $200 less than the Blade III. The suit seems to be aimed towards the intermediate to advanced flyer and is sold as a suit of high agility.

Birdman's online store provides the following details for the Ninja:

"NINJA is a brand new wingsuit concept from BIRDMAN®. It’s been designed to be the master of aerobatics, which means it has sharp and accurate turns, agility, easy recovery from all flying positions and ability to accelerate faster than any other suit in it’s class. Just like a true NINJA. This power is created from it’s drag decreasing quatro-wing design while the agility comes from it's aggressive profile and superior air-inlet / air lock design.. All this sums up to the best performing & funaerobatics wingsuit you have ever flown.. and, it’s BIRDMAN®

*Recommend to try after completing FFC.

The NINJA comes all included; Quattro-wing drag reduction, 9 large air-inlets with air-locks, semi-rigid ribs, mini-ribs, two large pockets, inner lining, high collar, easy access leg zippers, extra soft kneepads, extra sturdy booties & 10 mm YKK zipper and over the shoulder zip for easy dressing. It will be offered in 4 color scenes.


  • Leading edge: Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material

  • Emergency cut-away arms

  • 10 mm YKK zippers

  • Five (5) reinforced air-intakes with air-locks

  • Hook knife pocket outside

  • Two inner pockets

  • Reinforced 2 mm thick leather bootie

  • High collar with NINJA and BM logo

  • 210D double coated extra sturdy nylon

  • Semi-rigid long ribs made from BoPET

  • Semi-rigid short ribs made from BoPET

  • Full, fully breathable inner lining inside

  • Thick protective & reinforced knee & bootie area

  • Mini-ribs


  • Thick moisture absorbing spandex backpad

  • Large air-inlets with airlocks

  • Back deflector with air-pass

  • Reinforced and soft shoulder blade

  • Semi-rigid shaped leading edge

  • Extra long 10 mm YKK zipper with QR pull tab

  • Snaps for booties and leg wing"

Also of interest on Birdman's websites is that there is another product on the webstore called the Katana which is said to be coming soon, though there is no mention of the Samurai. It's unclear at this point as to whether the Samurai and the Katana are two separate wingsuits we can be expecting the company to release, or whether there was perhaps a renaming at some point that hasn't yet synced up completely.

Have you tried any of the new Birdman products? Comment below and let us know what you thought.



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User Feedback

I love my Ninja, very stable natural flight. =)
The suit is agile and speedy if you want.
Great for aerobatics and flocking or burn through the sky.
The product quality of the suit is great. You can see and feel it.
Finally the Ninja is a great wingsuit and worth his price.

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