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World Cup of Canopy Piloting Results

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Bartholomew wins Canopy Piloting Triple Crown, Hernandez earns European Canopy Piloting Championship & Windmiller sets new Speed World Record at the 7th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting

They say there’s no rest for the weary and the pros at the FAI 7th World Cup in Canopy Piloting & 3rd European Championships were ready for battle as the competition got underway Wednesday.

The World Cup in Kolomna, Russia is the third major Canopy Piloting championship in the past two months and while some began the competition with an eye on sweeping the three events, others arrived ready for redemption.












7th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting:

This leg of the competition season has seen the same 4 competitors battling for the top spot time and again: Team Alter Ego’s Curt Bartholomew and Nick Batsch versus the PD Factory Team’s Tommy Dellibac and Pablo Hernandez. However, 76 other pros arrived in Kolomna ready to take over.


Day 1 - Speed & Distance

There was no playing around during Day 1 when competitors completed 6 rounds of the competition and closed the day with a new Speed World Record and a tight point spread between the top 15 competitors.

US Army’s Greg Windmiller (USA), began the competition with three Speed World Records listed in his resume and would add one more to the list before the first day was halfway over. With a speed of 2.371 in the final Speed round, he became a 4th time Canopy Piloting Speed World Record Holder.

The field quickly shifted to Distance, and another World Record would be challenged in the first round with Skydive Dubai’s Cornelia Mihai (UAE) setting a new Female Distance World Record after flying 138.54 meters. Curt Bartholomew (USA) flying his canopy 154.02 meters was only .07 meters short of teammate Nick Batsch’s current world record of 154.09 meters. Batsch, however, would continue to dominate the Distance rounds, ultimately besting Bartholomew and the UAE’s Billy Sharman.





Day 2 - Zone Accuracy Rounds 1 & 2

The field awoke on Day 2 with expectations of an intense 3 jumps, with the scores so close that anyone in the top 15 could still podium.

Bartholomew would broaden his lead over the other competitors with a 91 score (100 points) in the first round and a perfect 100 score in the 2nd round, which would be the only perfect 100 scored by any competitor throughout both completed rounds.

After the second round, Bartholomew was comfortably in first by nearly 60 points, leaving Dellibac to protect his silver standing from Sharman and the rest of the top 15, who were all within striking distance should they outscore him in the last and final jump.

Event organizers had planned to complete the competition on Day 2, but only about half of the field were able to complete the final round before a weather hold stopped the competition for the day.

The competitors arrived the next morning ready to complete the final round, but would end up spending two days waiting on weather to clear to finish that final Zone Accuracy Round.

With weather forecasts not showing a promising window, event organizers called the competition complete Saturday afternoon without the final round of Zone Accuracy.

The World Cup of Canopy Piloting victory gives Bartholomew what is known as the Canopy Piloting Triple Crown - the current champion of the World Cup, World Canopy Piloting Championship and the World Games.


Overall Winners:

Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)

Silver: Tommy Dellibac (USA)

Bronze: Billy Sharman (UAE)

Speed Medalist:

Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)

Silver: Tommy Dellibac (USA)

Bronze: Billy Sharman (UAE)

Distance Medalists:

Gold: Nick Batsch (USA)

Silver: Billy Sharman (UAE)

Bronze: Curt Bartholomew (USA)

Zone Accuracy Medalists:

Gold: Curt Bartholomew (USA)

Silver: Pablo Hernandez (ESP)

Bronze: Dominic Roithmair (AUT)

3rd FAI European Canopy Piloting Championship
In addition to the World Cup events, 43 competitors were also vying for the title of European CP Champion.

Hernandez would lead the field following a comanding lead in Zone Accuracy, followed by Brice Bernier (FRA) and Dominic Roithmair (AUT).

Overall Winners:

Gold: Pablo Hernandez (ESP)

Silver: Brice Bernier (FRA)

Bronze: Dominic Roithmair (AUT)

Distance Medalists:

Gold: David Maleze (FRA)

Silver: Roman Dubsky (SVK)

Bronze: Johan Karlsson (SWE)

Speed Medalists:

Gold: Brice Bernier (FRA)

Silver: Peter Kallehave (DEN)

Bronze: David Maleze (FRA)






National and World Records


Several new World and National records were set throughout the competition, showing the continued push in the discipline as competitors are going further, faster and harder.

World Records:


- Greg Windmiller (USA): 2.371 seconds

Distance - Female:

- Cornelia Mihai (UAE): 138.54 meters

National Records:


- Netherlands National Speed Record:

Erwin Baatenburg de Jong: 2.505 seconds

- Sweden National Speed Record:

Johan Karlsson: 2.503 seconds

- Norway National Speed Record:

Barton Hardie: 2.686 seconds



- United States of America National Distance Record - Female

Jessica Edgeington: 136.49 meters

- Netherlands National Distance Record:

Erwin Baatenburg de Jong: 130.95 meters

- Sweden National Distance Record:

Johan Karlsson: 131.36 meters

- Norway National Distance Record:

Barton Hardie: 130.24 meters


One more international Canopy Piloting event is scheduled for 2013, the 4th Dubai International Parachuting Championship from November 27 to December 10.



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