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2000 Skydive America Palm Beach Space Games # 8 Report

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Space Games # 8 took place at Skydive America Palm Beach Florida, from the 28th January to the 6th February. Everything went very smoothly with all the Games. More precision and control was requested for the Races and as expected everybody's flying skill level was much higher then previous Space Games. Beautiful. Once again a big thank you to our sponsor Skydive America and Larry Kerschenbaum for hosting the event at its beautiful location and putting up all the prize money for the events and developer of the Space Games, Olav Zipser! Here are the Results:

Atmosphere Dolphin Challenge:

Started with the Atmosphere Dolphin Challenge this time, 31 competitors from (USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Finland, France, Canada, South Africa, Macedonia, Venezuela) Double elimination One on One Tournament style event. Names were drawn randomly the day before starting the competition. Believe in fate or not, to me it is one of the must fun part of the all Games: the Drawing from the hat. He He, it gives you the chills and butterfly and is kind of magic that moment where they pick your name and now they pick the next name..apprehension, phew!!, who is it gonna be ??? It's funny how the Fate Plays it's own game and make you meet specific persons along the Race !!

2 racers exit the plane with the ball master who is filming the race. They need to perform specific maneuvers in a specific order next to the spaceball and in between each maneuver, point at the spaceball at grabbing distance.etc This time even more precision was requested to all Free flyers in order to get their points: be in the picture with full torso, head and hips, pointing to perfection, don't cross over the other competitor airspace. Fast yes.but super precise that was the winning key decision on who was the winner was first left to the competitors themselves no matter what the rules would say. If the racers could not decide between themselves who was the winner, the decision was then left to the judges who would apply the rules systematically.

Everything went smoothly and most of the times competitor would find the winner by themselves. Judges ended up being called only for very tight races. The nicest way to actually understand how the Competitors get along during the races, basically see who had to meet who and so on would be to see the bracket itself.

These are the final results!

  • 1st Place : Jon De Vore 3000,-$
  • 2nd Place : John Matthews 1500,-$
  • 3rd Place : Steve Utter 900,-$
  • 4th Place : Filippo Fabbi
  • 5th Place : Mike Ortiz, Stefania Martinengo
  • 6th Place : Olav Zipser, Eli Thompson, Bruce Graybill, Mike Swanson
  • 7th Place : Jim Oreilly, Rob Silver, Matt Nelson, Kevin Sabarese, Mauro Tannino, Janine Hill
  • 8th Place : Teppo Heikinnen , Timmy Wardensky, Goran Lazarovsky, John Skinner, Max Cohn, Francisco Neri, Emannuelle Celicout, Joe Josephs
  • 9th Place : Lucky Mike, Dave Brown, Stan Gray, Micheal Sandner, Dave Padijasek, Nathan Gilbert

Special special Thanx to all the people who helped so much to get this Game going without whom this race would have not possiblytake place :
AD Challenge Space Ball masters cameraflyers : Timmy Wardensky, Francisco Neri, Steve Utter, Teppo Heikinnen, Stefania Martinengo, Janine Hill, John Shoffner, Filippo Fabbi, Mike Swanson, Mauro Tannino, Bruce Graybill, Olav Zipser, John Matthews, John Skinner, Jim Oreilly, Rob Silver, Stan Gray, Lucky Mike

Outside cameraflyers : Brad Chatellier, Steve Utter, Larry Kerschenbaum

Judges : Roger Nelson, Gordon Craig

Freefly Indy 500:

32 Competitors. Actually a few of them left the Competition after the 1st round giving a forfeit as the AD Challenge the Freefly Indy 500 is a double elimination One on One style Event. Again winning key was: super fast but precise and more than anything aware of how your track was set. As a matter of fact some of the fastest people lost their races as being very fast but didn't take enough precautions in making sure that they got the gate or the eclipsing of the ribbons attached to the foot of the Pylons. Other people had different approach in the game sacrificing some of their speed to make sure to get the gate and eclipse the ribbons in a clear way. As the race is judged through the 2 pylons camera views, racers had to consider carefully the different perspectives of the shooting angles, in case the 2 pylons would have not be perfectly on level.

In this Game, as in the AD Challenge decision on who was the winner was first left to the competitors themselves, no matter what the rules would say. If they could not come up with a winner by themselves accordingly, then judges were called to make the decision applying the rules systematically.

A new element in this edition of the Free fly Indy 500 compared to the previous Space Games Events was that for each single race the 2 competitors had to flip a coin to decide which direction to go around the track: left or right.

The final results!!

  • 1st Place Olav Zisper 3000,-$
  • 2nd Place Jon De Vore 1500,-$
  • 3rd Place Mike Swanson 900,-$
  • 4th Place Steve Utter
  • 5th Place Colon Berry, Mauro Tannino
  • 6th Place Rook Nelson, John Matthews, Teppo Heikinnen, Brad Chatellier
  • 7th Place Max Cohn, Michi, Janine Hill, John Shoffner, Francisco Neri, Filippo Fabbi
  • 8th Place Dave Padyjasek, Stefania Martinengo, Jim Oreilly, Dave Brown, Lucky Mike, Tim Wardensky, Bruce Graybill, John Skinner
  • 9th Place Emannuelle Celicout, Joe Josephs, Larry Kerschenbaum, Rob Silver, Goran Lazarovsky, Kevin Sabarese, Mike Ortiz, Nathan Gilbert,

Special Special Thanx to all the people who helped so much in getting this Game going, without those friends this race would have not possibly taken place:

Pylons Cameraflyers: Kenny Cosgrove, Brad Chatellier, Timmy Wardenski, Francisco Neri, Dave Padyjasek, Stefania Martinengo, Max Cohn, Kevin Sabarese, Mike Swanson, Filippo Fabbi, Dave Brown, John Schoffner, Janine Hill, Teppo Heikinnen, Michi Sandner, Mauro Tannino, Steve Utter, Olav Zipser, John Matthews, Rob Silver, Larry Kerschenbaum, Nathan Gilbert, Bruce Graybill, Emanuelle Celicout.

Outside Camera: Brad Chatellier, Steve Utter, Olav Zipser, Larry Kerschenbaum, Filippo Fabbi

The Bermuda Triangle Tracking:

Here the race is a One on One Single elimination style event. Anyone is welcome to test their tracking skills in this event and the race is judged by
competitors as to who was ahead at opening time. The only fast rule in this event is that competitors have to be open by 3000 ft!

The final results!!

  • 1st: Olav Zipser $ 500
  • 2nd: Dave Padyjasek $ 300
  • 3rd: Dave Brown $ 150
  • 4th: Rook Nelson, Mike Swanson
  • 5th: Bruce Graybill,Teppo Heikinnen, Lucky Mike Pantall, Kevin Sabarese

3 way Freefly Open:

11 Teams. For the 3 Way Freefly Open teams had to present a video of their best Compulsory Round and a video of their best Free Round. Compulsory Round consisted of 9 basic moves to be repeated in order in the 45 seconds. The moves were: 360 turn, 360 loop, weedeater (done simultaneouslyby the 2 team members without the camera) Under over, 3 carves, 69, Foot to foot, Mind warp, Vertical Compress. Best Teams performed 18 points in the 45 seconds.

Free round was judged on Camera Work/ Photography, Technical Skills, and Artistic Overall Impression. Most of the Teams presented very technical flying combining it with Artistic Choreography. Very Nice and Interesting stuff: speeds changing from belly to vertical to fast tracking to fast transitions and difficult docks.

Flyboyz won with a very nice Choreography and excellent interactive team flying, the musical rhythm and perfect synchronization is what characterizes this team.

Team Skyfly (Olav Zipser, Rook Nelson and Mauro Tannino) and Team Modern Skyflying (Mike Swanson, Filippo Fabbi, Olav Zipser)both presented very technical dives showing all flying dimensions in a nice fluid combination, which didn't lack rhythm!

2 teams distinguished themselves presenting 2 dancing style routines mixing free flying and freestyle together in a nice Choreography: French Connection (Emanuelle Celicout, Max Cohn and Steve Utter) and team Sky (. Both Teams presented a nice fluid and elegant Choreography with
technical speed changing and new original moves. Again, all teams distinguished themselves for different elements, technicality and originality of certain moves.

  • 1st Flyboyz (Fritz Pfnur, Mike Ortiz, Eli Thompson) 4500,-$
  • 2nd Skyfly ( Rook Nelson, Olav Zipser, Mauro Tannino) 1800,-$
  • 3rd Modern Skyflying (Mike Swanson, Filippo Fabbi,Olav Zisper) 900,-$
  • Best Camera : Fritz Pfnur (Fly Boyz) 180,-$
  • Best Tecnicall Tied : Flyboyz, Sky and the Juice 60-$ per Team
  • Best Artistic : Flyboyz 180,-$

Special Special Thnx to the Judges in the 3 wayFreefly Open as we know is a very tiring and hard job.

Camera/Photography : Janine Hill, Tim Koranda, Roger Nelson

Technical : Kevin Sabarese, John Schoffner

Artistic : Chad Jonosky, Joel



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