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Jet City Skydiving

Average Rating: 5.00
5.00 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews

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A.J. Eisenberg (KOKH)
Lat: 48.25109
Lng: -122.67865

1114 Monroe Landing Drive
Oak Harbor, Washington 98277
United States

206-351-4269  (10136 Hits)

Last Updated: 2016-11-17
Cessna 182, Turbo 207

Training: AFF, Tandem

AAD: Not Required

Hook Turns: Allowed

USPA Membership: Not Required

AFF: 299 USD
Tandem: 225 USD
Video: 50 USD
Jump Ticket: 24 USD to 12500 ft


The newest and most beatiful Dropzone in Washington state.
Bald Eagles frequently do "canopy formations" with us.
We are on Whidbey Island WA. We typically have blue skies when other dropzones are socked in.

Wingsuits are WELCOMED with open Arms. Where else can you exit over the water and fly back to the Islands?--Jet City!


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A great DZ with a great attitude.

Jet City Skydiving Rated 5 by: schmoli on 2015-07-28

Pros: All The Things
Cons: It's not in my backyard.

Two months ago I did a tandem at another DZ on a whim. Immediately hooked, I went to the internet (Reddit) looking for more information on training options and locations. An AFF instructor contacted me personally introducing himself (Brian) and telling me all about Ricks operation.

The staff is great, friendly and helpful. The landing area is ample for learning and extremely forgiving. The view is spectacular, the camping is great. Go there.

Having done 25 of my 26 skydives there I currently don't have much to compare them to. But I plan on continuing my skydiving education and career at Jet City Skydiving.

(Review ID:8835)

Nice place to jump and experience NW Washington

Jet City Skydiving Rated 5 by: RaddRik on 2014-06-25

Pros: Very friendly atmosphere, Good scenery, Great people
Cons: Small aircraft

I am very happy to see Rick and his bunch in operation again. I have been jumping off and on for 25 years and am somewhat set in my ways, and these people help me feel right at home. They genuinely care. I hope to see enough people frequent this little gem of a dropzone to get some larger aircraft once in a while. The view from altitude is absolutely STUNNING! Blue Skies!
(Review ID:8551)

Best place to learn to jump in the PAC NW

Jet City Skydiving Rated 5 by: jrpinks81 on 2013-08-12

Pros: Super friendly staff, insanely beautiful and unique location
Cons: Only jumping on weekends

Rick and his staff run one of the smoothest operations I have had the pleasure of being a part of. You learn very quickly that safety is priority number one, followed very quickly by having fun and learning. I am consistently impressed at how little an impact our skydiving operations seem to have on the operations on the field, which is testament both to Rick and your owners and pilots who are based there. Every one of Rick's pilots I have interacted with are of the utmost professional grade and their airmanship is without reproach. Rick's crews expertly handle heavy jump loads, dense GA airspace, and maneuvering the flight in such a manner as to remain predictable to others, safe, and minimize their footprint on the airport's ramp. (Having not personally flown out of KOKH, I was surprised at the amount of traffic which does frequent the field making an already dynamic flight a busy one for Rick's pilots.)

Perhaps the biggest tenet which helps the Jet City operation run so smoothly is the safety factor. Taking brand new skydivers airborne (and introducing experienced ones to a new field and new community) is never easy. The policies and procedures Rick has put into place for jump operations speak to his years of experience and are designed for minimal impact with the normal traffic pattern at the field. As a pilot and new skydiver, I was very curious as to how our 'under canopy' pattern would affect the airfield's operations. Essentially being a 'human glider' I was concerned I would somehow accidentally influence a pilot's approach or pattern. However, the 'course rules' which are in effect for all jumpers have kept me clear of anywhere a reasonable pilot would be, both horizontally and vertically. This isn't necessarily always the case at larger airports with multiple runways or approaches. Our pre-determined landing area and pattern doesn't change much, really only shifting from a right to left hand pattern, and seems geographically anchored and predictably far away from the runway or any approach/departure corridor. These aren't necessarily things I would expect a new skydiver to be aware of, but from a pilot's perspective it's very comforting to know that a lot of thought went into keeping us safely away from anything with a spinning prop on it.

The fun factor of KOKH and Jet City can't be overlooked either. Rick and his staff are some of the most warm, welcoming, and fun people I have had the pleasure of working with. It's hard to find a place to go on the weekends where smiles are the norm and everyone is learning something new and sharing in new experiences. The facility and airfield itself are a big part of the draw as well. The view from altitude is something very few people get to experience and showcases the San Juans and Oak Harbor. The field's location is a very unique spot as well, I honestly don't think that there is another drop zone in the country where you can skydive and watch military jets fly around...that sort of thing is usually reserved for air shows. The pilots based at the field are friendly and there hasn't been a weekend I was there where one hasn't stopped by to talk aviation. Several of our active duty and contract parachute riggers are there which allows for great social interaction, which might not have normally occurred thanks in great part to the catalyzing affect of Jet City and it's being at the airport. I also have not seen a single person leave there without a smile on their face or admiration for what Rick and his staff or your airport has allowed them to experience. Due directly to this atmosphere I have personally brought no less than 3 more people with me over the past few weekends to introduce them to Jet City, Rick, and the airport and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

I think you'll agree it's rare to receive positive feedback sometimes. Most often, it's the caustic comments which garner most of our attention and time; I wanted that to be the exception to the rule here. Jet City, Rick and his team, and the airport are a winning combination of fun and excitement which I haven't stopped talking about since I began jumping here!

(Review ID:8098)

Scenic Dropozone with seasoned DZO.

Jet City Skydiving Rated 5 by: scates on 2013-07-08

Pros: Fun location, helpful staff, gorgeous scenery, professionalism, great outs.
Cons: A bit of a drive.

I came up for a recurrency jump and was thoroughly briefed by Rick and another instructor. The landing area is generously large with easy-to-see-and-avoid obstacles (small clump of bushes and a shed). There are numerous good out-landing areas. The view from altitude is amazing. The staff were helpful, not obnoxious and I was welcomed like another skydiving family member. I would recommend this dropzone to locals and travelers alike. I jumped out of a C182 at this DZ.
(Review ID:8032)

Jump here for the view!

Jet City Skydiving Rated 5 by: j-bosely on 2013-06-23

Pros: Good Vibe, laid back Northwest attitude, Amazing Scenery
Cons: None to mention

Rick has been in the business along time and has a real understanding of safety and what it means to have a good time while skydiving. The view that is offered from this dropzone is unbeatable, you have Puget Sound, Mount Baker, San Juan Islands and Whidbey all below. The landing area is huge and the vibe of the people are great, everyone says hi and introduces themselves. If you are a licensed jumper like myself you are treated with respect and given a very thorough DZ brief. The DZ is only 5 minutes out of town which is great!
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