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  1. On 9/21/2019 at 9:03 PM, Mohammed Hassan said:

    Hello everyone <3

    i'm from Middle East and i'm welling to travel anywhere if i can find A Cheap an SAFE AFF course 

    do u know where i can find this place XD ?



    YouTube and Ebay. 

    Good luck. 

    Post your videos. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, billvon said:

    Eh, people said the same thing about the previous overhaul.  Things change.

    Yes and the traffic for the site has fallen off a cliff since the new look. 

    Its no coincidence. 

    Have a a look for yourself at the stats. 

    I have no skin in the game - I just really miss  

    Its like a ghost town now. 



  3. On 9/20/2019 at 5:54 AM, jclalor said:

    It sure seems awfully slow lately.

    Yep completely agree. The site traffic has fallen off a cliff.


    Its not FB that has ruined this site its the newlook / overhaul.


    The easy format and simple way to follow and catch up has been ruined.

  was a superb forum to my pre-skydiving days and has always provided to be a great learning tool / valuable insight since i started jumping several years ago but now its simply doesn't work as the ease of use has gone.





  4. Great question and the answer above from Skybytch is perfect. 

    One additional thing would be to find out what weight would be the maximum and then see how motivated you are to skydive by getting down to that weight. 

    Although this seems obvious there are 2 benefits:

    1. You get to join this mad world of skydiving 

    2. You will find it far less physically demanding and therefore enjoy / progress better  

    Good luck and let us know how you get on





  5. On 2/3/2019 at 1:44 PM, skydiverek said:

    Sadly, I agree. I have been reading this website everyday for the last 20 years. I stopped now...

    At least please bring the RED numbers showing the number of new posts and new threads in each forums. Like it used to be, and like it is still on . These RED numbers told me if there is enough of new content to enter the forum to read. Very important info, for instance "not worth entering for only 1 new post. Worth entering for let's say 22 new posts and 2 new threads". Just an example how I judged it. Or, I just waited for the new contend to accumulate, before starting my "reading session".



    Me too. Cant use this site really now. Glad its still in 

  6. Skydive Royan in France (West Coast ) 

    They run a porter from dawn til dusk from April and are the main training centre in France for their equivalent of AFF. Beach jumps - very friendly DZ with English widely spoken. Not much coaching but the plane goes up a lot.

    Campsite nearby or cheap accommodation at the DZ

    Skydive Algarve in Portugal - another DZ right on the coast. Brilliant DZ (Its USPA) fast planes getting 15k - great coaching great staff.

  7. 12 hours ago, philipturneraa said:

    Not just you. My usage of the forums immediately went from daily (or more) to practically zero when the new design launched because of exactly this.

    I’m curious how forum page view stats compare before and after this redesign. 

    My vote would be to please put the site back just as it was and go back to the drawing board (in a test environment) until a new design is found that adds some value.  Sorry, but at the moment, in my view, it’s a really, really big negative.  I would love to support something new, but this just isn’t it.

    Me too. I can no longer use the site properly. 

  8. I personally like PILOT canopies - but its all about personal preference.

    I get consistent on heading  and gentle openings and a decent flare.

    I flew a PILOT 210 (40 jumps)  then 188 (200 jumps)  and now have a 168 (180 jumps) and weigh 180lbs

    In contradiction to an earlier poster - don't buy something for one season - learn to fly that canopy like your ass depends on because it does. 

    The more stuff above your head means - when the shit hits the fan - you have more chance and the better you know and have flown that canopy the better and less stressful the outcome will be.

    Another great thing to do it get on a canopy course. Money well spent.


    Blue Skies. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Meso said:

    I'm not sure I understand. Is there a reason why seeing the exact number is that imperative to knowing whether you're going to click through or not? Surely if there are new posts in the section, whether they are 2 or 20, you'd still need to click through to see what they are?

    I could understand if there was no indication at all on the main page, but there is still an indication, just not an exact number -- you can still see that new posts have been made to that category. So you shouldn't need to manually go into each category that I can think of. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you.

    Also, are you talking about mobile or desktop use?

    Hi Meso 

    on the old site you’d go to the forums page and could see all the topics and it would show you how many new posts (if any) where posted so you could then click on that topic and go to the last one and read it. 

    This was the same for both mobile and computer. 

    When I go to the site now (whether mobile or computer) I can’t see this - or the new way of showing it doesn’t make sense to the way I have been navigating it for 6 years 

    Perhaps it’s just me !

  10. 9 hours ago, Meso said:

    There currently isn't a specific number indicator showing how many new posts there are since the last visit. However, there is an indication that new posts have been made. The icons on the left will be orange when a new post is made inside of a category. When looking at the category level, there will be a blue dot next to topics with new posts.

    We are looking at the work involved in re-creating the new posts numbers similar to the old site, as it does seem to hold use.

    Is this what you're referring to? Alternatively, there is also an area at the bottom of the forum landing page that shows the latest posts.

    Yes. Without this function I am completely lost and cant use the site as I will have to manually look at each sub forum 

  11. Maybe i am doing something wrong but i always entered the site via the forums and could see straight away the new posts in each topic. This seems to have gone now so i a pretty lost and am not reading the forums....

    I am accessing via computer and mobile...


    HELP ! 


  12. Hi Kris

    It’s probably the best place in Europe to jump in December.

    As the other reply said they have weather holds due to the wind - being on the coast but near mountains the thermic winds build up as the day gets warmer so get there early - don’t wander in at 11am and find you missed the first few loads that had no student hold.

    Blue skies

  13. Hello Brothers and Sisters

    I have about 250 tracking and angle jumps (about 125 of them coach jumps) - I have a Pheonix Fly 2 piece tracking suit arriving - Can i just stick it on and fly or should i get some dedicated suit training.

    What should i take into account flying with this suit (apart from I will have mad skills obviously :P )

    Thanks :)

  14. Bob_Church

    I was seriously frightened on the ride to altitude for dozens of jumps but never once I exited. I'll get a mild version of that occasionally on some demos. My theory is that it's my brain trying to talk me out of it, but once I've left the plane it figures there's no point arguing now and goes into full time helping me with the jump.

    Thats a great bit of insight into how our brain works.

    I've always tried to work this bit out.

    Think I might steal this one Bob.:)

  15. Ha ha that sounds like me so here my input to add to the others:

    For the whole of my AFF my heart dropped when we got to altitude.

    The door was a blur that I somehow managed to exit (thanks to my instructor)

    During my consols (there's less pressure as you've no instructor exiting with you) it became easier.

    At about 50 jumps the door monster had quietened down - it came back each time i was learning something new though but I had more coping skills to deal with it.

    You learn to channel the fear into focus.

    For me i've found that the people who have struggled with AFF and persisted have been the ones who have stayed in the sport long term.

    I was laughing to myself last week in Switzerland when I was in a helicopter jumping out thinking back to the door monster and how its now my best friend. (until i learn something new !)

    Good luck. Keep on keeping on. :)